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Scheduled Website Outage -> Fri 17th June from ~11:30pm

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. Due to continuing and ongoing growth in members and usage, within the next week Netrider will be moving to a new server :). It's likely to be during this weekend, but I will advise exact timings once I know. This move will be seamless to all users, with the exception of the forums and gallery which will need to be temporarily closed for a period of time that will be different for each user (see why below). This is necessary to ensure continuity of the forums and gallery databases (new posts/pictures etc.) during the move.

    What will this mean for you? The forums and picture gallery sections of Netrider will be offline for 12 - 36 hours whilst your ISP picks-up the new server location for Netrider. All other area's of the Netrider website will still be accessible.

    The forums and gallery will be set offline/inactive on the old Netrider server, and will be (almost) immediately active on the new Netrider server. Since some ISP's take as little as 6 hours to pickup the new server location of Netrider, others can take up to 24 and even 36 hours, the period of time you have to wait until your browser is coming to the new Netrider site will be different for everyone. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to speed this up, and it's fully dependant upon your ISP's DNS configuration.

    The reason for the server move is to alleviate issues some have been experiencing via "service unavailable" messges from lots of usage, as well as allowing us room for future growth with even more usage :)

    Any questions? Now is the time to ask ;)

    Some topical words from our last move in February ....

    Here's what you can expect with the forums ...
    1. When the new server is all ready to go, the forums will be closed and you'll see a message of "Sorry, but this board is currently unavailable. Please try again later."

    2. A DNS instruction will be submitted (known as DNS propagation) to inform your ISP's DNS server that netrider.net.au is now on a different server. Depending upon your ISP's configuration, it could take anywhere between approx. 4hrs and 36hrs for your ISP to receive this change notification.

    3. Once your ISP has received the new location for Netrider, your browser will then come to the new server with the forums being open.

    All other areas of the Netrider website (calendar, links directory, ask vic|deb, membership, etc.) will continue to work fine during the server move time period, and you won't even notice any change.
  2. Re: Scheduled Website Outage

    I could just be blind but, I take it an exact date is still being arranged?
  3. Re: Scheduled Website Outage

  4. Re: Scheduled Website Outage


    Who invented breast implants?
    Why do they put holes in donuts?

    I know... I know....

    Back in my box

  5. Re: Scheduled Website Outage

    Dammit, you've left me no choice other than to ask...

    Vis a vis the aforementioned member...how much has it grown and how often is it used?
  6. Re: Scheduled Website Outage

    Growth in the last 12 mths has been an approx. 30% increase in both users (members and forum registrations) and usage. Currently, it is approximately 1 million page views per month (from 5 million hits), with around 30,000 unique visitors and bandwidth close to 20Gb. We have peaked at higher than that, but the loss of .ORG.au has seen some impact which is starting to return.
  7. Re: Scheduled Website Outage

    Told you I was blind.
  8. Re: Scheduled Website Outage

    30,000 unique visitors and only using 20Mb bandwidth a month....

    wow, that is impressive.

  9. wow what will I do this weekend than??
    Oh I have a bike...
    go for a ride??
  10. Re: Scheduled Website Outage

    Updated the post now with the correct letter :)
  11. Re: Scheduled Website Outage

    Our new server is available, so the target is on-schedule for this weekend.

    The forums and gallery will be marked offline from approximately 11:30pm tomorrow (Friday 17th) and the DNS propogation activated. Once I have transferred the website and database across to the new server, the forums and gallery will be online for the new server. It will depend upon your ISP's DNS settings on how long it will take before your browser is directed to the new server.
  12. jason
    just cull off everyone who doesnt own a VTR or a V Twin
    or doesnt go to coffee or anyone whio has given me a "-" on my karma
    thats should save the problems :LOL:

    keep a couple of in line 4"s
    I wont list names because people will have a cow :LOL: :LOL:
  13. No forums to scroll thru??? Damn, that will mean i just have to go back to the Stamo on Friday night :LOL:
  14. I thought i was gone groberts untill i got to the " keep some in line 4's" Saved again . 8) 8)
  15. Re: Scheduled Website Outage

    OHHHHH I am so looking forward to the answer to this one! pmsl!
  16. Re: Scheduled Website Outage

    Ey BLONDIE!!!!!!!!!! Click Here and all will be revealed
  17. I read that earlier . I cant beleive i clicked on the linked :oops: .
  18. maybe we should kick all honda riders off. takes a BIG step back
  19. Ooops -1 Karma........ :p :LOL:
  20. Thats it Craig . Next time at Glens i'll give the boys something they cant refuse however much you threaten them . $50 each :LOL: