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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by voyager, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. Yesterday on West Coast Highway I passed a CB250 hooked up to a bright yellow trailer pulling another (slightly older, but not by much) CB250. Guess he must have been paranoid about spare parts.

    Anyone seen anything else equally odd on the roads recently?
  2. The ABC mentioned a rider on the westgate bridge with a ladder on his shoulders the other day with his head popped through the rungs.

  3. I should stop testing my spoiler designs on the westgate I guess...
  4. WHAT !!!!!!! ?????

    a stat waiting to be counted
  5. I used to live in Bangkok so strange sites became a daily occurance. One funny moment was watching a HUGE mass of balloons weave it's way through traffic - that's all you could see, a brightly coloured blob lane splitting. When it got closer you could make out a guy on a small bike and his mate holding the balloons hidden somewhere in the bunch. Wish I had a photo...
  6. Then again that sort of person wouldn't notice of their head was torn off, would they.
  7. That's incredible.. :shock:
  8. natural selection & Darwin award nominee
  9. stupid or not, you have to rate the ladder effort for sheer determination to do something insane.