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Scary stuff!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by davidk, Aug 24, 2015.

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  1. My wife moves faster than that when she sees a spider
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  2. Should have wiped off 5. ;)
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  3. Now tell us Becci, what have you learnt and what would you do different next time?
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  4. but hang on, speed supposedly kills? but she's alive... I just don't get it?
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  5. It's suddenly becoming stationary, that's what gets you ;)

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  6. Another example of crappy journalism. She didn't crash at 254 mph as the headline says!! This from the actual story (still scary to crash at 90 mph):

    "Resting at her home in S****horpe, Lincolnshire, she said: "I had just gone through the speed gate at 254mph when the wind caught me. I was still doing around 220 and it made me sit up in the saddle and in less than a second the bike had got onto the grass.

    "It was a very bumpy ride - and I knew it was going to end in pain. I managed to keep the bike upright but I was still doing around 90mph when the bike finally dug into the dirt and spat me off."
  7. Haha - I got 'edited' for a naughty combination of letters. Pity the people who actually live there.
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  8. I have been there and know what your spelling was meant to be haha! (y)
  9. This caught my attention:

    "But thanks to armour-plating inside her racing suit, the 46-year-old IT analyst escaped with a broken ankle, severe bruising and a whiplash injury to her neck."

    I don't want any of that amour plating.