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Scary stuff @ Work

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mav, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Guy just got picked up by the police.

    He was hiding in the scrub / bushes outside my building (business park), wearing camo, with a loaded rifle, pointing at windows and people on the balconies having coffee.

    He was also scoping out the nearby skateboard ramp, where some kids were hanging out.

    He was spotted by a worker on the balcony, cops were called, building went into lockdown, PolAir etc came out, got the guy after about 1 hour searching.

    Excuse the pun, but feel like i've dodged a bullet. Wouldn't want to come riding out of the garage downstairs and unknowlingly into this guys sights if he fancied a head shot on a slow moving target.

  2. 1. Fark!
    2. Don't ride slowly!
  3. This is going to be all over the news. Go down and try and get a voxpop! "chk chk boom" comes to mind.
  4. ...Bloody hell! :shock:

    Glad the cops got him before he did any damage!....
  5. just....well yeah...glad the situation was sorted before anything happened

  6. And cops say that speed kills.............lol

    Mav do you know if he had a real rifle? Scary shit amn, making me think that the west is safer, at least no one can afford guns and rifles here........all we have is knives and trolly poles :)......
  7. Maybe it's NSW Police taking the VicPol tactic of using camo to catch speeders one step further?
  8. what suburb was that?
  9. with bullets? like to see how they are gonna blame the riders for that one...

    yeah maybe throw in a shameless plug for RHOK / Motolegion gear and get freebies off Tak :)
  10. Macquarie Park business park,

    next to the Uni and Westfield
  11. If you can mention nodding, kittens and 68 in you will go down in netrider folk law.
  12. One little wiggle, one less... er, yeah.

    Credit where it's due, this is why we really do need police. Glad it turned out ok.
  13. ..and cupcakes!.... 8-[
  14. I did some work at Macquarie park (or was it fields??) high school once. I thought guns were a standard issue around there? Was a few years ago now tho.
  15. i believe your thinking of macquarie fields lol
  16. ah yes... thought it might be... carry on.
  17. That would have definitely scared the crap outta me ! Glad your ok
  18. glad to hear it hasnt turned out like those drive by's you sydney siders seem to enjoy of late, whats with the gun thing?
    glad your ok MAV
  19. do there know why he was there becasue by the sounds of it it was not just some idiot planing a rampage