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Scarver V Wee strom

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jimmyjames182, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Have put the mighty cb250 in the paper and depending on how that goes it's time to upgrade.

    My wish list was for a mid 2000's model, ABS, midsize engine, fuel injection & a small screen.

    I thought I'd settled on the dl650 but the scarver fits the bill as well. I've never ridden it but it's unusual style doesn't bother me. Budget of $7500 which probably means no abs on the wee strom.

    I like the belt drive on the scarver - the km's I do mean commuting mean chain oiling / adjusting etc.

    Stupid question maybe - do bmw's need specialised mechanics or can any workshop handle them?

    Anyone got any other comments on the 2 bikes?
  2. I have no t ridden the Beemer, but just from a $ point of view you will get a newer Wee with your budget and maybe even one of the early ABS models if you shop around. I strongly recommend the Wee - its a great bike and if you want to make it more tour / road riding like then put road tyres on. I have pilots and the bike corners even better now.

    If you caqn afford it, go with ABS - I highly recommend it - saved my ass a couple of times in the rain.
  3. heard nothing but good things bout the wee :) (cept looks, but thats subjective ;) )
  4. If you like the wee-strom take a look at a Yamaha TDM900 as well - slightly lighter, extra 250cc, 20hp, and torque. Similar fuel range and reliability. No ABS in Aust though, and a bit dearer. A bit nicer to look at than a wee-strom IMO.

    I've had my 2002 TDM for a week and very happy with my choice... they're a bit harder to find, but there are lots of happy TDM riders out there - check out the Carpe TDM forum...