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Scarver or Superfour?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by corvus, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Hello, I've been lurking here for a bit. Just got my Ls and have bought all my gear, but yet to get a bike. The pre-learners course is the sum of my riding experience.

    I didn't really like the cruiser I learnt on, but like the sports type better. My original plan to get a 250 kind of fell through when I just couldn't find one that felt right. They all feel too small and light except the Hyosung Comet, which feels too top-heavy. I instantly loved the Suzuki GS500, but after doing a bit of research decided that I wanted to get something with ABS seeing as I can afford it and while I'm generally a cool-headed person and have found myself thinking very fast and very clearly in vehicle emergencies, bikes are entirely new to me and I'd rather have that ABS there as a bit of a safety net.

    Anyway, so I'm looking at two bikes, a 2002 BMW F650CS and the Honda CB400, both with ABS. Loved the feel of the CB400, liked the F650, but not quite as much. I would rather get a used bike and the F650 is comfortably within my budget while the CB400 is stretching it.

    Anyone got any advice that might help me make up my mind? I thought after sitting on them both I would know which one I want, but if money and waiting until December didn't bother me, I'd go the CB400. However, I am a normal person and money and waiting until December do bother me.
  2. Isn't there a $1000 cash back on the CB400? Although i would expect that all the bike shops would have factored that into their price already. Have you got gear? Maybe try and get the dealer to throw a jacket and helmet or any other accessory you'd want (Oggies!).

    The two bike have completly different engines, a single (torquey) vs. Inline 4 (revvy). The single would probably be better for the complete novice but after a few months i think the CB wouldbe more entertaining. This depends on what sort of rider you are, as well as when (if) you are going to upgrade.

    The new CB will have a warrenty which is a plus.
  3. I honestly can't see myself at this point wanting to upgrade. I'm not interested in track days or breaking speed limits. Both bikes could handle anything I want them to do for quite some time, probably forever. I'm just looking for something to get around on and escape on now and then. I'm a safety nazi and I'm female and I can't really imagine wanting a bigger bike than the 650 for a good long while, if at all. I'm pretty strong, but the Scarver was still almost too heavy.

    I'm leaning towards the Scarver because I don't really want a new bike and I don't really want to wait until December, besides which, the Scarver is pretty nice and easy to ride and comes with soft luggage and a helmet web, which will leave me not wanting for anything as I have all my other gear. Only problem is, the Scarver is in the Northern Beaches and I'm in the Sutherland Shire and I've no idea how I would get the bike home. I certainly am not up to riding it all that way in that evil traffic.

    BTW, I'm told the cashback may or may not apply as Honda won't say for this next shipment. The person I spoke to yesterday thought that it would apply becuase demand is far outweighing supply for the bike at the moment.
  4. I think you'll thoroughly enjoy the Scarver. It's reliable, practical and the belt drive is good (easier than a chain and much more robust than some BMW shaft drives are proving to be).

    The luggage pod thingy looks useful, and the power is more than adequate to let you go anywhere you want to go. The Honda is a scaled version of mine, and I think it's a great bike, but if you go with the BMW I think you'll enjoy it. Have it serviced by the book and all should be well.

    Happy trails.
  5. id say the Scarver too. i know an old friend who has one and they put out around 50 odd hp and have some nice torque, good touring bike.

    im pretty sure they also have a handy built in storage department in the frame of the bike aswell.
  6. Scarver. The CB400 is just too expensive, although it's a good fun bike. The beemer is physically larger but I've seen them punted about by a fairly diminutive chick in confidence and safety.

    I suggest you ride a VTR250 as well, it's smaller than both these bikes and probably the best thing out there for instant confidence and fun. I'd love to own one for around town and they handle legal freeway riding without any dramas. ABS? ...meh.
  7. Go the Scarver. I've got an F800ST and can attest to the civilised nature of the belt drive. No more worrying about adjustment and lubrication. No more cleaning black gunk off the back of your bike and will easily outlast a chain and sprockets and is cheaper to replace. I have also been very impressed with the professionalism of the BMW sales and service departments.
  8. I'm in the shire, if you are really stuck getting a bike home PM me.
  9. Thanks for the advice, guys. I decided to go for the Scarver, partly because it was cheaper and would be cheaper to insure, partly because it comes with that cool storage compartment as well as a soft bag for the back. And partly because I thought it was a better deal. We have agreed on $8300 and the seller is going to deliver it for me.

    Hooray! Only, work is shipping me off to a tropical island next week so it'll be sitting in my carport all lonely and unridden. I am selfishly not going to spare it a thought as I'm enjoying down time on the beach between trap runs. :)
  10. Let us know how it goes.
  11. funny, i almost bought that bike (if its the one that was on bikepoint). not many scarvers around.

    i had the same dilemma originally, scarver or superfour. i liked the f650GS and figured the scarver was more road oriented and therefore suitable for my needs.

    The decision was hard... till i went to the local BMW bike dealer, asked about the scarver, and was LAUGHED AT!

    :/ so... the sales reps from the company that make it think its a joke of a bike?

    Needless to say, i went with the superfour and am extremly happy.

    It still puzzles me why the bmw shop had such an attitude to the bike though. Maybe it was just that they didnt have any in stock and wanted to force me into one of their overpriced second hand f650GSs?

    that said, i still really like the scarver as a practical, round town, kind of bike and you paid quite a bit less than the new superfour ;)
  12. I don't think they sell it anymore - which is a shame, I'd quite like one one day.
  13. last model was 2005?

    bmw doesnt have any lams bikes now (afaik), new that is.