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Scarlett & Sienna join MV & Mrs. MV on their Honeymoon

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by MV, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. As of the 21st November, my wife & I have been married for one year! :)

    But we haven't had a Honeymoon, so we're going to New Zealand & picking up some lovely ladies over there.

    This is Sienna:

    VFR800_Silver_300x205 Sienna.

    & this is Scarlett:

    Sprint_red_300x213 Scarlett.

    The plan is to leave our daughter with my Dad & family who will be flying in to Auckland for a two week holiday with us & fly down to Christchurch, pick up the bikes & do a 5 day tour of the South Island, including a day of adventure stuff in Queenstown.

    Should be good. (y)
  2. aww congrats... :D
    What an awesome idea for a break as well :)
  3. Awesome! Have fun.

    Make sure you collect a little memento. A pair of those gloves wit the velcro patch on the palms would do.
  4. No worries KD, where do you want me to send them?

    (You know the Kiwi's bag us aussies out for being the sheep shaggers, right? :) )
  5. 1 week til we fly out, picking the bikes up on the 10th.

    This is, roughly, our route:

    NZ map.


    First day will be long, Christchurch to Queenstown, around 500kms, not sure if we'll go all the way to Dunedin or cut inland...
  6. Wow...that route looks insanely FUN! Hope you two have a fun trip over there. A video of the route would be nice...
  7. Lokks like fantastic fun! Dont forget lots of pics! ;)
  8. Pics will be coming, I think I've got a tank mount sorted for my video camera too ;)
  9. I went to Nth island back in april and drove round, I thought it was a beautiful place but Sth Island I believe is even better with the scenery, half your luck!! The bikes are rentals or buying ??
  10. Just hire bikes goddie, only there for two weeks :)
  11. Dude, you overestimate the size of the South Island. That's a quick afternoons ride :)
  12. That's ok, we can go round twice. :)

    We've only got 5 days on the bikes, 4 technically, cos we're spending a day in Queesntown doing adventure stuff.
  13. done that route in an xr6 turbo.... Fortunately Disco-light free. You'll love it.
  14. If you've got some time to spare, when you get near Greymouth, head North to Westport, then take highway 67 to Karamea. The twisties near the end are to die for. I did a few laps. The scenery is stunning and there is no chance of seeing a copper:)
    While you're there (Westport), do a couple of laps of the lower and upper Buller gorge road. Marvel at the road cut through the overhanging rocks. F#cking brilliant stuff.
    I'd try to stay a night in Greymouth. At the Hairy Lemon to be precise. If the same Publican is still there, he will lend you a rod and some lures, and send you over to the river to catch yourself a feed of Australian Salmon, or Kahawai in NZ speak. Good fun. Just a couple of suggestions. If you want to know some more, feel free to ask.
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  15. Thanks Roarin, sounds perfect. We weren't going to go all the way up to Karamea, but if it's that good I might see if we can fit it in...

    We're staying at Hokitika & heading back to Christchurch the next day, have you done Greymouth to Christchurch via Arthurs Pass? If so, how long should we allow?
  16. shame you can't keep scarlett and sienna.....
    4 women in your life would be awesome huh.....:p
  17. Mate, I have enough trouble in my life with one!

    (& it'd be 5 with the TRX ;))
  18. I actually did it the other way. From Christchurch to Greymouth. With a little detour around the back of Lake Brunner. Looking at the time stamps on my photos, my best guess would be just over 3 hours. But I didn't stop for photos along the way, and I also had a little bit of incentive (in the form of flashing coloured lights) to press on at what could best be described as a "spirited" pace. As was the case on a few other separate occasions on my month long "tour" :) But I never got any fines, so obviously I didn't speed any where.
    If you ride sensibly, I'd guess between 4 to 4 1/2 hours. But that's just a stab in the dark really. Depends on so many different factors.
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  19. You got your accomodation booked in Hokitika? I stayed in a pub/hotel/motel in a 2 person town a couple of kays inland, Woodstock to be precise, and if my memory serves me correctly, it's the headquarters of the local sport touring club. Good blokes to share a beer or 3 and get some tips on what roads are worth a look. Just a thought:)
  20. Yeah, all the accomm is booked, other than that, it's pretty loose.