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Scaring away birds?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bluesuede, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. So here's my dilemma,

    I'm used to the fairly noisy wildlife where I live. I have a a large flock of cockatoos in residence, which have increased in numbers over the years of drought - and I'm used to their loud screeching in the morning and at night as they fly overhead and it doesn't bother me.

    However...some F%$#ing noisy annoying birds have taken up residence in a tree directly outside my bedroom window and are giving me the absolute shits. Initially I thought there was a nest of baby birds crying out with the constant cwawk cwawk cwawk cwawk and hoped that as spring moved to summer they'd grow and disappear. But no, its some bloody fully grown things that make that racket. So I thought perhaps they are protecting a nest nearby, but that doesn't seem to be the case either.

    So there the little fvckers sit, outside my window, 5:30am they start with the cwawk cwawk cwawk and I swear if I had a shotgun I'd be missing all the glass in my window by now.

    So my question is - what can I do to get rid of them? No shooting, no poison, no cutting down every plant in my backyard - I just want to encourage them to go find someone else to annoy the fvck out of. I tried hanging some old CD's out there, which I'd found effective to keep birds away from strawberry plants before, but they didn't bother them at all. I've banged on the window which startles them away for all of..oh...one and a half minutes...I've chased them away and yet there they are. (insert image of me sitting here with one eye twitching uncontrollably).

    Any ideas?
  2. I've got 2 suggestions.
    One is a plastic owl which we use in the nursery to scare off possums but can be used for scaring away birds also if you hang them in the tree where the problem birds are sitting, or you can use a plastic hawk which you also hang in the tree and will scare the shite out of any birds in your garden. Both work just as effectively.
    You can buy the owl online at ebay for $41.95 plus postage and handling at $9.95 or we sell the at the nursery for $19.95. We don't have the hawks but you can buy them online





    Hope this helps your dilemma?
  3. Is it possible to get up to the branches where these birds are hanging out?
    Get some of the strips of pointy plastic <-- I don't know how to describe it better... The stuff that you see on top of signage in the streets to stop pidgeons sitting on top.

    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_| Looks like that, lol.

    That would of course depend on what the branches were like, whether they are little twigs or big fat ones.

  4. Aerosol Cannon.
  5. Get a cat.
  6. I'll be popping in to your shop in the next few days. Had a quick ride by yesterday but couldn't see it - I guess you're not at the Main Road end of Bolton. Anyway one of those might be worth a shot :)

    Had one of those for 12 years. Traitorous animal abandoned me for the delicious treat offering old lady who lived over the road. She's now left and taken my cat with her which she renamed :roll: Funnily enough I didn't have this bird problem until the cat disappeared...

    Unfortunately there are too many branches and too many trees in my backyard to make that feasible.

    The only drawback to any solution of course is the fact that I'll likely be scaring away some birds that I actually like having around. I have some really nice black cockatoos that visit regularly and I'd kind of miss them if they didn't come back again. Ah well...
  7. Sling shot and some lead sinkers - you decide which birds leave.
  8. turn your amp up louder
  9. :LOL: At 5:30am? I'll be less popular than the birds :shock: :grin:
  10. :grin: you're such a rock chick! :cool:
  11. How about a new cat from the RSPCA?

    I am sure a deserted moggy would love a new home!
  12. mum and my stepdad actually have a cat called Trouble that lives on the verandah, and they're on the edge of a national park so we get all sorts of native birds coming in.

    thing is, we regularly see the kookaburras chasing Trouble away from his food so they can have a go at it. The possum that lives near the verandah also steals his food. He just sits and watches them from a distance. He's a soggy old sook of a cat.
  13. golf ball cannon...
  14. +1

    At work they built a new tower that was around 5 storey's high and the local wildlife decided to move in a shit all over the place. They were about to bring external "experts" to deal with the problem when a couple of guys decided to buy a hawk from the local market.

    Problem solved, around $20.
  15. Would have to be a kitten for it to adjust to living with young children and for my children to adjust to it. My last cat was already a cranky adult when I had children and not too tolerant of them, and they were always afraid of it. A kitten wouldn't solve my immediate problem unfortunately.

    I got my last cat from the RSPCA mind you, although it was a kitten and not a deserted adult. :)
  16. get some toy rubber snakes and put them in the trees
  17. small bungers, (fireworks) work great if you can get your hands on em, a few bangs and they wont come back, keeps possums out of my roof very effectively
  18. Can you describe the bird?

    An Indian Myna is brown with yellow and white on the cheeks - I had a bunch of them nesting in the eaves and they didn't seem all that noisy.

    Then there is the Noisy Miner which is an Australian native (our largest honeyeater, in fact) .... this bird has a grey body, with white and black on the head and bright yellow beak and legs. They are, as their name suggests, very vocal.

    Some info HERE
  19. ?? Indian Mynas are INCREDIBLY noisy, especially during the nesting season, ie, now...