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Scariest TV show on at the moment...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by gegvasco, May 30, 2007.

  1. Bugger Supernatural or Medium...the show that really scares the shit out of me is:

    Last Chance Learners...Holy fcuk :eek:hno:

    I don't know about anyone else, but it scares the shit out of me to know that people like that are driving!
  2. hehe I dont find it scary, more of an affirmation :LOL:
  3. Glad I'm no longer commuting in suburbia :?
  4. At what point do we say that people just aren't MEANT to drive? I mean seriously .. 17 years of lessons on L's? Surely if, after 17 years, it still gives you palpitations to get behind the wheel and you cry, sook, hyperventilate or close your eyes while you're on the road, you should NOT be there.
  5. Big Brother takes my vote as the scariest show on tv.

    and no it's not the contestants that are scary, its the host!!!!
  6. Yeah that learners show is damn scary. Really makes you wonder why car L's aren't more like bike L's - ie much harder to get and if you can't get your licence within a set time frame then back to the start you go. Lets face it the car licence test is that simple that given enough attempts even a blindfolded chimp would eventually luck their way through it - and if these drivers haven't been able to even cope with the basics after 10+ years how is giving them P's and letting them out on the roads alone going to help them learn faster. I think easily the scariest moment was the episode with the emergency swerve - even under controlled conditions when they knew what they'd have to do one driver still ended up hitting the accelerator instead of the brake :shock:. Even more worrying though is that since emergency anything isn't part of the licence test how many other, similar drivers, are already on the roads.
  7. As Sales Manager of a Hyundai dealership, that show scares me!.

    My sales people often complain that they should get danger money when going on test drives with customers, and the sad part is that that show MIRRORS many people who HAVE their licence.

    These people do not understand that they are driving a deadly weapon, or if they do, they are so scared, they throw their hands up and close their eyes - while driving!

    I think the original claim is correct. Their will always be some people that do not belong on the road. The good news for me is that most of those appear to be in NSW, where I am not.
    The shows producers also edit the material heavily to show us only the worst. They picked the worst drivers in the first place, and then intend to reinforce this fact, at the expense of the people involved, by putting them through more rigorous exercises than normal learners.
    The exercises they put these people through, whilst they should be compulsory for ALL learners, sadly aren't tested on everyone, and the standard to get a licence is very low.
  8. I just thank god that most of them reside in NSW or QLD. Having these people loose on the roads makes me want to leave my bike parked in the garage :LOL: :shock:

    Seriously, what the hell are they thinking doing everything they can to push these people who have been unable to get a license for years and years into passing their test?!?! They clearly shouldn't be on the roads - their inability to have gained a license after thousands of dollars spent on instruction, multiple failed tests, years and years on L's, their demonstrated lack of confidence and basic ability tells me putting them on the roads is putting other peoples lives at risk. The TAC could save themselves some money by just running clips of this show as their latest ad campaign. Hmm let me think... "If you can't drive, stay off the roads you bloody idiot"

    I've got nothing against people learning to drive, and learners in general, but at some point surely a line has to be drawn where if you are incapable of getting your driving to a certain standard, you need to realise that perhaps you just aren't up to the task.

    Good one Channel 7 :jerk:
  9. But I thought you had to have special bad-driving lessons to qualify to buy a Hyundai.

    You know, the ones where they specially train young women how not to use the indicators and to use a mobile phone while they're driving. :p :LOL:
  10. Very true. Although I consider drivers who lack confidence and ability a lot less dangerous than those that simply lack ability. Nothing more dangerous than someone who thinks they know what they're doing.
  11. In Tasmania, you just inherit a licence when a relo kicks off. What test?
  12. Do you need one for each head? :p
  13. Is that a relative by marriage or by birth? Oh wait they're the same thing down there aren't they :p :LOL:.
  14. I'd say Big Brother, it is scary that this shit is on for another year.......and even scarier is people watch it and actually care.