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Scariest bike moment yet. **UPDATED WITH RESULT**

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rourkster, May 16, 2008.

  1. Haven't really posted up a near miss story before so, what the hell.
    Riding back from the shops today down the New England Hwy at East Maitland. Came up to the lights at South Seas Drive doing the 90km/h limit in the right hand lane going past a bloke in a Commodore who had a few cars behind him. Lights change to amber some distance ahead so I start braking, check my mirrors, see nothing behind me except a white van some 200 metres back or so, and downshift before coming to a stop and put my left foot down. Commodore stops beside me. Without really thinking, I had taken my usual position in the right wheel track of my lane. I had no sooner put my foot down when a maroon Subaru went between me and the Commodore and through the red light at a speed I estimated to be at least 70km/h. Her driver's mirror actually brushed my leg. I was stunned! I looked across at the bloke next to me in the Commodore and he was looking at me white-faced with mouth open and shaking his head. A bloke on a BMW K series filters up next to me and asks if I was alright and says "Mate, I don't know how the f&^% she didn't hit you."
    Turns out she was behind the Commodore that was next to me and couldn't be bothered stopping at the red light when he & I did so just went through between us. Thank God I wasn't further over to the left or I was mince meat.
    As luck would have it I caught up to the biatch near the Thornton lights after seeing her move into a right hand turning lane to overtake other vehicles and nearly run a truck off the road. I managed to pull up next to her and noticed she had her sunroof open so gave her both barrels. She looks at me and it becomes plainly obvious she is off her head and has the typical skanky druggo look about her with pupils the size of pin heads. The bloke next to her isn't much better. She manages to blurt out a "Sorry mate" before her passenger decides to undo his seatbelt and start mouthing off. I gave him a "Mate - open that door and you'll be eating kevlar for lunch." and he decided to go no further.
    Seeing her condition I managed to make a call to "some people I know" :wink: and managed to get her pulled over at Mayfield West where she was promptly taken to the Mater Hospital for a mandatory drug & urine sample. I can't wait to hear what the results were.
    So, how was everyone's else's day? :grin:

  2. Nice work there :grin:

    Mine's been pretty boring at the ol' desk...
  3. Re: Scariest bike moment yet.


    Glad you were'nt hurt sounds like it could've been bad.
  4. Its stories like that, that scare me a little being only on the L's. :shock:
  5. Re: Scariest bike moment yet.

    Holy crap. Top work!
  6. Priceless, got to remember that one
  7. Ah but as learners we would have been in the wrong position in our lane and so there would not have been the space for her to even try it!! ;)
  8. Oh! Nearly forgot:

    Was she hot???
  9. lucky break there :)

    but you got her pulled over! brilliant!
  10. !@#$ that's scary and lucky! Go buy some lottery tickets!
  11. Ugly as a hatful..... :cry:
  12. On epping road in peak hour the other, some eager moron(BMW X5) who's lanes wasnt moving, tried to hop into the next lane without looking. Almost sideswiped a scooter, stopped(for the scooter to pass) then cut me off.

    The first stoppie ive ever done and it was forced on by a cager.

    I feel dirty...
  13. Mate I wish I had that number.. or just a fat gun.
  14. Why weren't you in the bus lane?
  15. glad to hear you are Ok, when things like that happen just makes us feel so vunerable, could soooooo easily have had ended badly, the problem is she will not learn, only way to stop morons like that is to cut their arms off so they can't drive ...... end rant ....... mutter mutter
  16. hey must be a scary day,
    Going to work this morning in the CBD, I was in far left lane second in line; in a left turn only, and a guy from the middle lane; on a no turn lane decided to shoot across all and turn left, his vehicle bringing me to a stop hitting me side, I go to take off and then he hits me for a second time and when I said pull over and signalled for him to wind the window down he shot off like a mad man, mind you all I could see was the whites of his eyes, as they say those NSW drivers! Some are just not morning people and they forget what rego plates are for!

    I hope everyone has a safe ride this weekend and stay up on two wheels.
  17. Not all of Epping Rd has one...
  18. Geez Louise! Hope you're okay? Guys like that forget all about Karma..and deserve all that bad crap...hope Karma rips him a new one... 8-[ Scares me to think there are mindless demon drivers ( I drive and ride, and always mindful of those around me) ready to take you to the next life...
  19. simon,

    As this whole episode happened about 300m from my house, I'm guessing that you're a local boy. East Maitland?

    Fancy a ride out sometime? (hang on though, this doesn't happen every time that you go riding does it?)