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Scarey Old Drivers

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by steltzer, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. I was on the way home after a long day, in the hilux. Going down the Maroondah highway in the far right lane (of 3 lanes).I was heading out of ringwood starting to come up the hill with croydon maccas on the left. A 50-60 year old lady in a old white corolla, pulls out into the traffic further up ahead, into the far left lane. Problem was she didn't stop coming across, or making any indication she was going to stay in that first left lane. She wandered over to the middle lane. By this time i was catching her pretty quickly doing 80 in a 80 zone. she must have been doing about 40 tops. I was sitting there thinking, "she is coming across isn't she, right infront of me, i bet, just watch". then all of a sudden, with no continual flow of movement like the last 2 lane changes, she jerks infront of me so fast. i saw it coming, but not that quick. i hit the brakes, and everything went into slow mo. I saw the smoke bellowing from my tyres coming up the sides of the hood. I saw my hood continuing to approach her rear, then I saw her car slowly getting some distance from me. I saw her look behind in the mirror to see what all the noise (tyre screech and freakin horn) was about. She had no freakin idea what had just happened. She continues to the far right turning lane, and turned right and cross the other side of the highway. I went back later that night (shopping run) and drove back passed that spot, there are 2 huge black lines where it happened, massive.
    What if i had been on my bike, that last jerked maneuver could be so dangerous for a rider, but then again, on my bike i might have slowed further back and i wouldn't have been so close to her for it to be a problem. scary huh!

  2. call me an evil bastard but if that was me i would have cleaned her off.
    far too many people of all ages wrongfully have licenses, i have no sympathy if these people get caught out by their own incompetence
  3. By this time if you were on the bike, you would be well off the throttle and checking your outs. You obviously knew she was coming.
    Interesting ain't it, how the mentality changes when you put a seatbelt on?
  4. I wouldn't blame age for that one - just very bad driving.

    I had a similar experience a few weeks back on *unt Rd Richmond. Main difference was I was on my bike, and it was only a 60 zone. Had my first ever front wheel skid but managed to stay upright.
  5. They shouldintroduce a driving test similar to the P plate driving test for people over a certain age. Oh wait, that would mean about 1/2 of them fail and the pollie which introduced the idea would be out of a job real quick :/
    Seriously though, even if they did not have a test, at least have to attend some courses to refresh them how to drive. And if your neck isn't flexible enough to check your blind spot you shouldnt really be driving.
  6. Good that you're ok. Complete fail for her on situational awareness. Moderate fail for you, though, on defensive technique. You saw it unfold, picked what was about to happen, and still locked up to avoid it. Why did you continue coming when you saw (the significant likelyhood) that she was going to do exactly that? Picking what's about to happen doesn't help if you don't act on it.

    A thought for you. If you had been on a bike, and locked up the front to avoid her, and went down, getting hurt in the process but not making contact with her car - where would that leave you legally? I'll give you a hint - you wouldn't like it.
  7. so are you saying its better to hit someone rather than crash avoiding them?

    OP, come on dude... you could have done better! oh well, no harm done...
  8. something about maroondah highway,
    today coming home from the learners session i was traveling in the right of the left lane around ringwood. (pretty close to the maccas) passing a stream of cars on the right, (i was doing 80, they were doing 70ish thanks traffic when some idiot turns into my lane ontop of me, no indicator no nothing, luckily i was able to get to the far left before he hit. now at this stage you woud think he would pull back into his lane as he obviously saw me (straddling the line - not fully in the lane) but no he stayed in that position giving me half a metre of lane for a good while. as it took me a bit i re-gained my balance/composure as i got some wobbles, i even used the horn to no to get him to give me some breathing room. (throttle was off at this stage yet he was still beside me) he then gave no indication/sighn to me as he proceeded to travel infront after forcing me back. and swapped lanes at the next lights back to his original position. then sat a few meters behind me (should have been next to me). what pissed me off more was that the car was full of passengers (children in the back seat) with the back window full of what looked to be bedding and luggage.

    im lucky it could have easily ended in me hitting a pole (i was almost riding in the gutter to avoid the idiots car next to me) or been hit by the car. the crap thing is i swear he would have saw me as he didnt contact with the bike by pulling over all the way into the lane.

    i can see why people kick doors now, as when i regained my thoughts that is exactly what i regretted not doing.
  9. Jeez I'm really fucked, I'm an old driver and I also own a 4WD.. what you described was scary, but not unusual, it's just about a daily occurance on the Monash
  10. I blame the car, Camry's and Corolla's do strange things to otherwise good drivers lol :).....................im always weary of Camry and Corolla drivers. They are like the scooter riders of this world.
  11. Better in what sense? I would say it's always better to avoid the accident, and if you can't, it's better to hit the ground than to hit the car. As a general rule. However, the law does not always see it that way. There are times when you can go down avoiding an idiot who was clearly in the wrong, only to have them claim the accident had nothing to do with them, because they didn't even touch you. I've had one of these, and my free legal helper basically threw the towel in before it got to court because she reckoned I wasn't going to win. $5k worth of repairs to Skipper's RST1000 later...
  12. I agree, my company gave me a silver one, 8-[
  13. yeh knedraggin, i know. moderate fail for defensive driving. i supose i should have been way off the pedal and giving her room, knowing she was potentially a bad driver. i supose it is something that gets to me, driving for someone else, i already have the weight of the world on my shoulders, last thing i need to do is drive for everyone else. but that being said, that is exactly what you have to do on a bike, a car doesn't really change anything. better get that attitude checked huh. the world i not a fair place, and sometimes you have to compensate for the incapable people in this world whether i like it or not......:soapbox::furious::censored:
  14. Funny I had the same thing happen on the monash P plater came from the on ramp to the third lane in one move . and then waved to say sorry didn't see you .

    On the subject of older drivers I would say after 65 there should be a mandatory driving test two keep your license .
  15. :-s

    I know an 80 year old man with parkinsons and fainting spells that was given his license back to him by the doctor after they couldn't find an explanation for the fainting or a way to stop it.

  16. Mate, that's entirely right - and I'm sorry - I wish it was otherwise, but that's the reality we have to deal with.
  17. "50 to 60 years old"!!

    She's obviously one of these farking young hoons... :-s

    first post after being off for 5 weeks...
  18. welcome back.