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Scarey aussie movie

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cats, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. wanna see a good aussie movie that will scare the crap out of you ...

    wolf creek staring john jarret ..... in a role you would never imagine him playing .... rated R and deffently not for kids ... on dvd now

  2. Yeah i have seen a bit of it i need to get the dvd so i can properly see it. It is meant to be fantastic !
  3. My mates and I watched this 2 weeks ago and I have to say I found it very disturbing. Reasonably graphic, and quite a good thriller. John Jarratt is so believable in the role that he plays, which is a little scary.

    Not a movie I'm in a hurry to see again, however if you like a good thriller a must see!! My partner loved it... was a little too 'could happen to me' for my liking!
  4. quite gorey .... and very thought provoking.... especialy if you happen to be travelling
  5. yep. seen it!

    in my collection already. although, i gotta say it really wasn't as great as it was touted as being. it was good but...
  6. I agree, john jarret aws really good but the two female actors annoyed me. :?
  7. Yeah not many movies scare me but this one did! :shock: A must see but definitly a little sick.
  8. At last a good aussie movie, most of the aussies i know still think "the castle" is a the best movie ever made , I say " tell'em ee's dreamin' "
    After watching "The 'cough, fooking shite' Castle" i lost all hope in there ever being a good aussie flick ever made, but Wolf creek proved me wrong, great film...
  9. I thought it was quite good, but IMHO it didn't live up to the hype.

    I'm desensitised to most things, so I didn't expect to find it terribly scary, but I was surprised that I didn't find it scary in the least and either did my old man, YMMV.

  10. I saw Wolf Creek a while back at the movies. I love horror/thriller movies but this one did make me feel uncomfortable. John Jarret certainly played the part well.
    There is another (not Aussie though) film called Hostel, along the same lines out just now.
  11. Had a few of the girls from work tell me what they thought of Wolf Creek, and these chicks are Emergency Nurses and it made them feel sick..not in any hurry to see that film :shock: :?
  12. I knew the guy was a psycho when he said he wasn't going to charge for fixing the car. Common people :!: A mechanic that doesn't charge, you've never heard of one because people never live to tell.
  13. Great movie.

    Ask Deb or Sobel what they thought of it. :grin:
  14. Dave and I went to see it at the movies when it was out.
    I love scarey movies but this one scared the ABSOLUTE CRAP OUTTA ME :eek:hno:
    There was 1 part in it that I just couldn't look, luckily I didn't cause dave told me later what had happened in that particular part :shock:
    No way will i see it again, just looking at the front cover put shivers down me :eek:hno:

    Last night my son (14 year old) was having some mates over. They all reckon they are pretty tough, so Dave and i got them wolf creek to watch. As it turned out, my son ended up going to his mates instead so they didnt watch it but he is currently watching it in his room, so I am waitig for a white faced 14 year old to come running down the hallway any moment :rofl:

    As for Sobil, he went to watch it at the movies and reported back to me that he couldn't sleep properly for a few nights :rofl:
  15. i saw this at the cinema, scared the bejebus outta me, but I'm not one for scarey movies, good entertaining watch though... Downside is, now i cant watch Mcleods Daughters without thinking about John Jarrat as a psycho....
  16. I liked it but thought it had been hyped up a little too much. The guy from sydney "Poofter capital of Australia!" :p was a bit weak but overall not too bad a story and based on some fact???
  17. Saw the first hour, or there abouts, could not be bothered with the remainder, psycho garbage at it's worst.

    It had the potential to be a great ozzie yarn, but instead it is just a macabre gore fest.

    thumbs down.
  18. There was a good aussie zombie movie (Undead??) that was released a while ago, i still haven't seen wolf creek but i have it sitting on my desk at home waiting to be watched.
  19. omg! wolf creek definitely has that raw movie maker feel about it. I only saw it last night and i give it 10/10. Brilliant acting, cinematography, and story line. The realistic portrayal is what makes it so nerve rendering - no hollywood gloss. Its almost like a home movie someone took whilst the occurrences took place. Nothing superficial about it and will definitely have you thinking twice before trekking across the desert on your own. Not recommended for the weak of mind or gut to watch though.
  20. ie. don't read on if you haven't seen it.

    I know it was only "based on actual events" which often doesn't mean much at all, but if you assume that the young bloke didn't do it, and the two girls were taken by someone and never seen again, then that perpetrator may still be out there - for real. Obviously they only have the word of the young bloke who was tied up in a cave and never saw what happened to the girls so they probably have no idea of what actually happened. It wasn't what happened to them in the movie that scared me as I am pretty desensitized to that stuff, but it was the implications that scared me.

    "Nothing like rainwater from the Northern Territory" 8-[