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Scared yourself on a bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tomek, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Any stories of members scaring themselves on there bikes?
    Maybe it was your first time, weren't expecting the power, bad conditions, road rage... share them.

  2. Tomek,

    3 weeks on my L's and every time I get on the bike I am a bit scared :oops:

    The only time I had a real scare was going up Arthurs Seat, hairpin after hairpin didn't drop down the gears enough nearly stalled, WRX comes flying around the corner wrong side straight to me, faaaaaark quickly dropped down a gear countersteered and missed the car by feet.

    GOt to the top of Arthurs Seat had a smoke, allowed the adrenalin to drop and then rode home with a big grin that I had got away with it :grin:
  3. overcooking corners, undercooking corners, compression locks, cars, 4wds, trucks, busses, fcuking taxi's, unexpexted powerslides, skidding fronts, unexpected wheelies coming out of a corner, birds flying at my face, loose sections of roads in a corner.... did i forget anything? :LOL:

    most of the human error ones come just after getting a new bike and some idiot coconut decides that he doesn't need to learn all its ins and outs before pushing it :LOL: that and i'm just a plain hoon when i'm by myself :oops:
  4. At some stage or other I have been terrified on every single bike I've ever owned, but my worst scare came on someone else's bike.

    I had my XS-650 in for a service with my Yamaha dealer in Singleton, and the XS-1100 (known unkindly in the industry as the Excessive Elephant), had just been released, and Geoff had a demonstrator. So he threw me the keys, didn't he???

    Out the back of Singleton there's a bridge over a river. It's an old wooden plank bridge, with a nasty little kink as you come off it.

    Hornet is ear 'oling this huge shaft-driven bike along, onto the bridge, hits the kink as he exits the bridge, and everything touches down. Sidestand, centrestand, footpeg, the lot. Hard. The bike starts to wiggle and shake and jumps about a metre (it felt like it) sideways, snaking up the road trying to spit me off. Fortunately it was a better bike than I was a rider, because after what seemed like an eternity (but was probably only a second or two) it settled down and pointed straight. The time was long enough, however, for my brain to start formulating what excuse I was going to offer Geoff for trashing his brand new demonstrator!

    My face had resumed it normal hue when I returned to the shop, and I didn't tell Geoff about the near miss, but I suspect sooner rather than later he would have discovered the gouges in the underpinnings of the bike and worked it out. Amazingly we remained friends, and I bought my next bike off him too!!! (And, no, I didn't buy an XS-1100!!!)
  5. I have two nasty stories on a bike. (Have more but two worth recounting)
    The first was on my old SR 250 and Having the Engine seize while doing 110 (Yep an SR250 can do 110 with a tail wind :))

    The second and by Far scarier was traveling from Ballarat to Melbourne in the middle of winter, and passing a truck. I got nicely clear of him and pulled back into the left lane. Just as I got back over to the left, I hit Black Ice.

    The Bike starts to lean right and the Tale starts swinging left. In my left Mirror All I can see is Truck. I don’t know how long the slide went for, it was probably less than half a second, but to me it felt like for ever. I came off the end of the ice and the bike kicked back under me I twisted the throttle to the knock and just put as much space between that truck and I as the bike could achieve.. For the next couple of minutes all I could focus on was trying to breathe and not puke in my helmet.
  6. Scares, Near Misses, Skipped heartbeats. Doesn't everyone have at least one of those episodes everytime they go for a decent ride? :shock: :eek: :)
  7. Go dirt biking for a day.

    Link 40 or more thoughts together of:

    I am so crashing and hurting myself here....Oh wait I'm alright!
    That's it I'm jumping off....Oh wait I'm alright!
    I'm dead..I'm dead..I'm dead...Oh wait I'm alright!
    Don't hit that rock..tree..cliff..boulder...Oh wait I'm alright!
    The bike wheelied and I didn't plan it...Oh wait I'm alright!
    Oh now it stalled, I kick it to life...AHHH FUUUUUCCCKKK my knee!!

    Best time of your life. :)
  8. oh yeah if ridden hard and with a bit of agression
    u will have at least one of these moments :grin:
  9. I had a near mistake yesterday, was riding in the city going over some tram track and instead of looking forward I looked down at the tram tracks and the car ahead of me stopped and I kept on going :oops: , so I had to quickly turn in the tram lane go past a few cars and rejoined traffic. It was pretty scary :shock:
  10. hahahahaa :LOL: so true

    for every near miss i've had on any given road ride, i've had 50 on the dirt squirter and a stack :LOL:
  11. Scared myself on a bike?

    Ah yeah... I prefer not to remember them too closely though ;)
  12. I so understand and agree with what you are saying :LOL:

    I think dirt bike riding would have to be the best andrenalin rush, sure I get that on a road bike too. But there are no limitations on the dirt. I ride at a dirt track, so that makes it a lot more safer than trail riding, so you know you can push the limits a little bit more :grin:
  13. One nasty one so far. I was travelling on the inside lane on a 60 street doing a little more overtaking slow dirvers in the left hand lane. Morning traffic so lots on both side on the street. When a car from a side street on the right hand side decided she couldnt wait any more. Completely insane she went across traffic turned into my lane and needed to get into a busy left hand lane to turn left so slowed down to 20 km/hr with her blinker on instantely.

    I had to hit the brakes, kick it down a gear and push myself into the left hand lane then kick back into the inside lane again just to survive or I would hit her.
  14. Lyrebird launching itself at me & hitting .....
    Fallen tree across road @ head height ....
    Coming downhill into a corner that had turned to liquid tar ....
    & then there's always the unexpected gravel, dogs, echidnas, ducks .....

    part & parcel of riding on some nice forest roads I says :shock: :grin:
  15. Evertime I fell off, immediately before hand I was shit scared!!!

    Never been scared really, a few heart in mouth moments but nothing to write home about. Except those 3 accidents when I was a young lad.
  16. you just reminded me of another time i was scared. I was following a cager and decided that 70 in a 80 zone was too slwo. So i swapped lane as the cager ran over a metal strip about 5ft legnth and 3inch wide. well it kicked up to head height. I was lucky to change lanes when I did, or i wouldve been facing that at my head.
  17. 1 week into L's about a year ago now. Sunday evening coming back from a friends place get caught in a huge down poor/storm and did a downshift, and all i hear is hmmm motor has gone back to idle huh have a let the clutch out??? an then the rear starts to get traction again... thats when the old ticker began lol got to say though handled it well and now i know how to downshift properly
  18. when jumping into a 600 and rode home in peek hour traffic lol
    power was so different that i was doing 170 in a 100 zone and was wonderin why everyone was going soo slow...

  19. yeah, not long off my 'L's' and getting confident (too much) drifiting high along a nice curve. Look down and see the centre white line, shit I am on the wrong side of the road...look up, station wagon coming for me, look left as I start to pull it in, Shit some dipshit has decided that he will overtake me on the inside on the bend.
    Wagon pulls over to let me through, thank god, I give hime a quick nervous wave and continue to follow the dead head to cut me up!

    Had a longish sit down when I got home.