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scared to push limits

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Seany, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Ok, I've found a bridge and a bat. Now all I need is some bait. :? Does anyone have a goat I can borrow! :LOL:

  2. only going to harm urself hey?

    so when you come off at your supposed 300km/hr and you bike goes hurtling down the eastern there's no chance of it hurting someone else?!

    grow up mate - it's people like u that give riders a bad name
  3. Give him time. When he's a big boy he can take the ice-cream lid of the back tyre on his bmx and get a real motorbike. But for now let him be. A good imagination is important for kids creative development. :)
  4. Really go get a CT scan to make sure there is something floating between your ears.

    With an Alias like your , geez you must be a really good person. (yeah right)
  5. So,please show me the statistics of how many people have been injured/killed by a motorcycle crashing into them in 2005.
    Blah blah blah you bastards give us a bad name etc,yeah sure,its all our fault,just like it was all my fault there was a crapload of coppers up at the spur :roll: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. I remember one story in '05 where two brothers were riding and the one in front was killed by a rider coming from the opposite direction who took the corner too fast and drifted into the other lane.
  7. Saying i "remember when" isnt a statistic or evidence either.Not saying it didnt or cant happen,just so many people go on about 'what happens if you hurt an innocent' when they can provide no factual proof of any incident/s :wink:
  8. who gives a **** about the innocent? who's left on the planet that is innocent anyway! :shock: :p i care about myself and my bike which is uninsured, that's why i don't push my limits! :grin:

    *putts off sedately** :moped: :biker:
  9. yeah i know nuffin of stats that was just one story.....

    i do think that in most areas the speed limits are ridiculously slow but there are alot of situations where speed is the factor in hurting innocents. i got no problems with speeding just right place right time.

  10. Fair call matey,cant argue with that :wink: :cool:
  11. YESSS!!! \:D/

    haha :LOL:
  12. Hi mate,

    and welcome to the forum by the way.

    i dont think the problem is with speeding as such, its more a matter of using a bit of logic/commonsense to minimise the risk to yourself but more importantly to others. Simply respecting others around you.

    remember that no matter what people say here, its not going to prevent you from cruising round at 300km/hr so dont lay into people for expressing their opinion just ccause they dont agree with your riding style.
  13. Yep, nothing really against people doing 200+kph - as long as they stay the f*** away from me (don't want them takng me out too or leaving a rider shaped dent in my car). Seriously why not take it to a racetrack - if you genuinely are good then you might win some events, at the very least you'll soon find out if you're as good as you think you are. (That the sort of response you were trolling for?).
  14. problem is Sean, even if you did catch the guy, he probably wouldn't have known what you were complaining about.
  15. The speeders don't post up that they speed because they get flamed if they do (Plus that would just be bragging) :)
  16. I dont bother posting about speeding cause i have a 250 and my ultra fast "160" on the monash from pakenham to burnley turn off is a joke :LOL:

    Also cause people whine, so its better just to not do it and let these people think that we are all happy gogo bikers.
  17. Yet another darwin award nominee
  18. You come across as a f***wit bikeraper. The truth is & you obviously havent realised this yet, you dont need much skill to go fast in a straight line. My suggestion, get a competition licence, have a go at keeping up with guys who can ride bikes. Then we will see how FAST ya are.
    Your a joke mate.
  19. Totally agree Sharpy.

    Anyone can go ape on a multi-lane freeway with a high powered bike in what is pretty much a straight line. There are no corners even at 300kph that would test a rider's skill on most freeways in Melbourne.

    Only tossers brag about their straight line speeds on public roads.

    All the really fast riders are out there on the track, doing something that actually requires skill to do, to go that fast.
  20. Dont stress mate. They've all gone over the limit themselves :grin: