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scared of new bike!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by halifax6, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Hey
    I am going for my Qride course tomorrow (2 day novice course) and I tried to get some practice by riding husband's honda CBR250r.......well I got on the bike and was terrified! I froze! I couldnt even get it moving in first gear! I found there were too many things to think about all at once. where my leg was supposed to go, when to hold in the clutch, how to go from first into neutral etc....
    The bike feels REALLY heavy after riding a 50cc scooter for a few months.
    Am I going to fail the Qride course??
    HELP!!!!!!!!! FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. well, for starters, your husbands bike is perhaps the worst bike on earth for you to be practising on.
    I sure hope they are providing you with a loan bike for the course?
    if so, just relax, you'll be fine.
    and if you do fail, it's only a matter of being relaxed, and comfortable, and trying again :)
  3. cb250 the one u loan from the school feels like a 50cc to me you should be fine :)
  4. Joel speaks words of wisdom Halifax, you need to Relax, if you are wound up over it you will have problems. Take a deep breath, do your best and if you don't make it this time try again.

    You'll be fine.
  5. Relax focus and remember to breath...failure is not an option and good luck :wink:
  6. good luck!
    who are you doing QRIde t with?
  7. If you are using a cb250 then they are more learner friendly than the cbr.

    Relax and enjoy the days.
  8. Thanks guys.
    Im quite ignorant about bikes. Why is the CBR250 a bad bike to learn on?
  9. qride

    Im going QRIDE through Stay Upright at Mt Cotton.
  10. Horrible seating position to learn on. Narrow handlebars and poor turning circle make low speed manouvering a pain, peaky, high revving engine produces no low down power, so bags of revs and clutch slipping required to move off, combine that with an on/off clutch and it makes a bike that's no fun compared to say a CB 250 (all this is relative to more conservative 250's, they're not a bad bike as such, just not teh best thing for a novice).
    Make your hubby buy you a nice, simple naked 250 with an upright seating position to get confident with.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. thanks for that advice. I think you are right about the CBR.....weird seating position for me! Dont like it at all.
  12. +1 typhoon
  13. Good luck, Halifax! If it helps I was absolutely terrified with I went for my Ls last month, the trick is to try and "have fun" while learning how to ride. I was interrupting the instructor quite frequently with questions, and neither he (nor the rest of the group) minded one bit!

    So if you're worried about anything, just ask or ask the instructor for more instructions :) take it easy, and you'll be A OK!

    On another note, can I say IMHO that the FZR250s are a **** load harder to learn on then the CBR250s? They're heavier, seating position is higher, the "lean forward position" was worse than the CBR250s :? I did not enjoy trying to learn to ride on Nessie...
  14. Do you mean CB250? I have a FZR250R and they are very similar to the CBR250RR. The CBR250R is a little more relaxed than the RR version I have heard.
  15. I did the Learners course here not too long ago and felt the same way about the weight, but once you get moving it's not as noticable. Can't comment on the seating position though, the only bikes I've been on have a quite upright seating position.
  16. Hope you had a fantastic first day on a bike!!

    Best advice for you, from the Wife of a Bike Rider - Don't let your husband teach you!! Listen to the instructors, do it the way they tell you!!

    I ignored my husband's teaching methods, and got my license after 2 days of Q Ride. Never even ridden a scooter before that, so you're already a step ahead of me.

    Good Luck!
  17. So the day went really well. Rode around on the CB250 and tomorrow he is putting me on the 650. He said I was doing very well. Very nervous at first but then got going and it all came together.....apart from the damn figure 8s!! Took ages to do that one properly.

    Back tomorrow for 2nd session.
  18. well done!
    see, nothing to worry about :)
    keep us posted.
  19. If I can ride a bike, anyone can! I am not known for my superior hand/eye coordination!

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. :applause: Well Done!
    as Joel said ...'nothin to worry about'
    Good luck with session 2