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Scared myself stupid - need advice

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Zdster, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. So went out today for a bit of a ride and of course as I am heading home it starts to rain - not to much of a big deal. The roads start to become fairly slick and then the worst thing happens . . . . TRAM TRACKS!!!! Now I have no problems with tram tracks in the past and am able to cross them without to much drama, however this time was different.

    I was travelling along parrellel to a set of tracks when I came to a street that I needed to do a 90 degree turn out (obviously requiring that I cross the tracks). This is when it all almost went wrong. As I cross the tracks the bike gets very squirrily and I lost control for a second. I managed to stabalise myself by putting my leg out (but not down). I was able to cross the tracks on the wrong side of the road with no troubles, however crossing the tracks on a parrallel angle is another story.

    Can anyone provide advice?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Move to Sydney.
  3. Its come up before. I think the main things are the obvious ones; try to cross them as perpendicular to them as possible, relax grip, perhaps weight on pegs?, look where you're going, etc.
  4. +1 Phiz.

    Just relax your arms as you hit them and let the bike do what it needs to and you'll be fine.

    Whatever you do, don't panic :wink:
  5. Thanks guys. I have read a few of those threads but still wasnt sure exactly what to do when encountering tracks.

    Is it best to try and cross in one fluid motion/quicly or ease the bike over more slowly?

    Nah, dont want more crappy drivers/bad roads :grin:
  6. As was said, take the tracks as perpendicular as possible (that means at a right angle to)

    Get the greatest angle you can to cross them then you are in contact with them for the least amount of time
  7. Move to Queensland :cool:
  8. why? all the roads are underwater, you'd be better off with a jetski!! :grin:
  9. Wet tram tracks are the tool of the devil. I hate the bloody things.
  10. or move here to newcastle! less traffic than sydney and no trams :grin:
  11. When I'm going along tram tracks and will need to turn (right?), as I'm approaching I'll cross at least 1 of the 2 tracks with a defnite manouver - not zipping across mega fast, but not slow either. One track at a time. Then when I need to turn, I can get a better angle to cross any remaining tracks. Do whatever works to be more perpendicular for the turn.

    Thing is to cross them, rather than ride on them; and as the others have said, be relaxed and light on the bars. Any time conditions are less than ideal, like a slippery surface, it's best to be smooth with your movements. Any sudden turns, stops or accelerations can unsettle the bike.

    Well done for not dropping it :grin: