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Scare test #1

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Darmac, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. This morning i had my first scare on the bike since getting my L's a few weeks ago. I was doing 50 km and I had a middle aged women blindly waltz out on me from in between parked cars.. i say waltz cos the way she danced back, forth, back and forth was quite splendid. Not sure if it was her dance moves or my breaking efforts that stopped me from flattening her but i / we survived.
    I rode off swearing and ranting with the sweet smell of middle aged women perfume trapped in my helmet to remind me of the ever present dangers of motorbike life.

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  2. now go back home and change your undies so you don't leave a sweet warm smell with your co workers today!
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  3. Well done. That must have been really close if you got a whiff of her perfume! :nailbiting:
  4. Well done keeping it together Darmac, I'm on my L's too, had a few scary situations, the other day some dickhead overtook me whilst I was turning right around a roundabout via the left hand lane!!(he followed me into the roundabout!) and then proceded to cut me off coming back into my lane, best advice I've heard so far is treat everyone like their drunk and trying to kill you haha..still getting my licence is one of the best things I've done!
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  5. He stopped to give her a kiss :wtf:
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  6. Geeze, I'm going for my L's on Sat and I hear these stories! Better now than later I suppose.

    In these days of regulation, I'm starting to wonder if they should make riding of MBs COMPULSORY to make all appreciate the issues faced.
  7. Simmo WSimmo W suggest you read a bit more in the "Your near misses" thread to get a better understanding of what's waiting. And being from Victoria, the hi viz vest you are going to have wear as a learner does not make you any more visible, so don't let it make you complacent.
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  8. If you were close enough to a pedestrian walking out from parked cars to be a near miss your road position is likely wrong. Have a look at a write up on buffering and road positioning.
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  9. Agree. There are times when riding close to parked cars is the best available option but it's never ideal, and you have to take extra precautions.
    If you can't see enough to be SURE that a pedestrian is NOT there, you have to assume there is one.
    They'll still keep waltzing out without looking until the end of time.
  10. And Matilda was her name ?
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  11. Watch for out for "mothers" deciding to push a pram out without blinking from in front of a parked large fwd as you come down a street..you see their head think it's cool then there is suddenly a pram pushed out straight in front of you...I had this happen to me a few too many times whilst driving...I offer to tie their tubes for them then and there as they obviously aren't interested in looking after their current progeny and therefore don't deserve any more chances. Fckwits!
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  12. Point taken.I had on coming traffic so i was kind of centre left.. but also conscious of parked cars pulling out from my side. The fact she just strolled out looking in the opposite direction made it almost impossible to negotiate. I do and will continue to read the road craft threads.... these are full of priceless information.
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  13. Another thing to look out for, and its a hard one to spot until its normally too late, is people in cars who open the door just as you get near their car.

    The other day i had a kid on a skateboard shit himself as I came down the road, he was a lil tacker skating up and down his driveway, who decided it was best to bail from the board leaving the board to roll directly towards me and the bike. As i was alert it was a non issue, however not everyone is alert all the time.
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  14. Doors being opened from parked cars is an issue for Motorcyclists and Cyclists. It's not much of a consolation after you have been injured, but if someone opens a door and causes an accident from you running into it, they are at fault for Not looking properly and taking proper care when opening their door. It's in the traffic laws.
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  15. I recommend sards for cleaning out the come to jesus moments from out of the reg grundies or other similar receptacles
    They should give you a ten kilo bag of it at the pre-learners!
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  16. I've clocked up over 13,000km in my first 12 months and my 3 close calls have all been in the streets near my house. Go figure...
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  17. Yes, but over the 13k you were near your home twice as often as anywhere else.
    If you worked it out you probably spent almost 1/3 of the 13k leaving home or returning home.
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  18. so funny love your posts!