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Scaphoid fractures.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by SOBIL, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. Hi all.
    I am posting to find out more information from people who may have suffered a scaphoid fracture.

    I recently sustained one myself , and am yet to see the specialist. What i am interested to hear is how long your recovery was, and whether it was complete. Also if your scaphoid was pinned/screwed for recovery or not.

    If you can spare some time then let me know what you experience was?

  2. I did one about 15 years ago.

    They didn't pin or screw it.

    Instead I was told "Don't ride a motorbike for 6 months".

    I ignored them and rode as soon as I could stand the pain, the hand ended up giving me pain for several years as a result.

    I actually wanted it pinned, but they said that wasn't covered :(
  3. So... Eh, what's the story mate?
  4. wasn't covered?
  5. punch on... shoulda seen the other bloke. ;)
  6. 6 weeks in plaster , minor crack LH IIRC

    loss of mobility when first out of the plaster , takes a while to get the flexibility back

    i was riding when it was in the cast :)
  7. If you have a scaphoid fracture, just make sure you do the time in the cast!! If you just have a fracture it is unlikely you will need surgury or pins etc. I fractured mine then 2 weeks out of cast did it again. lol

    On a serious note though, if you don't let the scaphoid repair properly you may get problems with use of your thumb down the track, hence the imobilization of the thumb in a good cast. If you abuse it and break it again then you will end up having bone grafts and pins (not nice). I know 2 people this has happened to.

  8. I went into hospital as a private patient, then when I asked why they wanted a cast and weren't pinning it they said "that procedure is normally only used for sports people and isn't covered by your health insurance cover".

    I had a cast but it was stuffed in not long at all (got wet on the bike).

    Yes I freely admit I contributed to the problems I had down the track, but I still believe that if it had been pinned I would have had less issues.
  9. you need to be careful with a scaphoid fracture. The scaphoid has vey low blood supply, this means that any damage to the bone will heal vey slowly as it does not have the same supply of fresh nutirients as other parts of the body. It is common for a scaphoid fracture to not heal- this is called malunion and can only be fixed surgically.

    it's best to get it checked asap :)
  10. My other half Shane has done both scaphoids. Here is the story:

    Did the left one in a bike accident, straight in for surgery, bone graft from his left forearm and the broken bits pinned together. Total of six weeks in a cast afterwards. Nine months on, have not made a great recovery but he did not have physio.

    Broke the right one in a bike accident, one month after the first, (yes, he is accident prone!!) It was not found for several months. At four months, it was put into a cast for six weeks. It did not heal. Last week, he had surgery. This time with the bone graft from his hip. It is still in a cast and he is still in a fair amount of pain, due to the hip graft.

    This time he WILL be doing physio, which I am expecting will result in more strength than the last effort.
  11. it often does not recover at all. Once fractured the Scaphoid can often not receive a blood supply at all and is susceptible to necrosis. This is very bad.

    Get to a specialist ASAP
  12. True. Mine went undiagnosed for about a month after my off (the Alfred were in a hurry to discharge me so they didn't X-ray my wrist, at the time the pain from my wrist was hidden by the pain of my dislocated shoulder. To add to the problem, I was given crutches to move around with) but once it was determined that I had a scaphoid fracture I was sent straight to the specialist to assess the extent of the damage.

    I was very lucky! The fracture was close to the blood supply but didn't interfere with it and a loose triangular chip of bone had moved away from the blood supply as well. From there the treatment consisted of an immobilisation cast for four weeks. The specialist decided that the loose chip wasn't a serious problem but getting it out would be.
  13. Non displaced severe fracture of RH scaphoid. 8 weeks plaster, 4 weeks semi cast (fibre glass). 3yrs later, the wrist has about 75% of it's original movement and push ups are out.

    The wrist gets painful from time to time for no reason... I just grin and bare it.

    I've been on glucosamine ever since - apparently I'm gauranteed to get athritis...

    ...I've got some cool xrays... though I would have gladly avoided the need for them...
  14. Where's DrDStump through all this?
  15. nothing useful to offer but hugs'n'love. sorry to hear it sobil. look after yourself a while - by all of the above it sounds like if you don't give it long enough you'll end up with unnecessary levels of pain and inconvenience for life. kisses, c x
  16. hey robsalvv,

    Just thought i would throw this in the mix.

    The science behind glucosamine is ok for the MAINTENENCE of joint cartilage- but to be effective one must consume at least 1500mg per day. Any less and there is no therapeutic benifit.

    I'm not suggesting you dont take the minimum dosage...like i said- just throwing it in the mix.
  17. Scaphoid fractures seem bad for motorcycling.
  18. Cheers mate. I've been taking at least that much... thanks for sharing that little tidbit!

  19. does it help if the thumb is moved around while in the cast?
  20. I broke (or fractured not 100% sure) mine about 6 years ago, they put it in a cast, once out of the cast no complaints, no pain since and no problem since then... :grin:

    By the sounds of it, i was extremelly lucky..