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Scapegoat is online!!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by scapegoat, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    Scapegoat is the name. I just got my L's and have purchased myself a Honda CB400T.
    Haven't managed to get out on the road yet as I am in the process of swapping reg from VIC to NSW :( . But I go out to the garage every day to talk to her :grin: Unfortunately it seems I'll have to ride her a few times before a name emerges.

    I've been having a bit of a read through the forum the last couple of weeks, and am really enjoying the tips & tricks type topics. I't's good to find an active local forum to be able to while away the workday on!! :grin:


  2. Shit hot, now this forum as everything, we even have our own scapegoat to blame for everything.

    welcome aboard :)
  3. Yeah cheers for that Woodsy :LOL:
  4. Not a problem,
    who am i to not take advantage of a perfectly good scapegoat :p
  5. Just don't break me!!!! There is only so many sins I can handle! And I get the feeling you have a lot of 'em to unload!!!! :p
  6. i am a scapegoat!

    i like the song :cool:
  7. welcome to the blame scapegoat!! where abouts you from?
  8. Bloody lucky bugger having LAMs, welcome and enjoy :grin:
  9. welcome...
  10. Beat me to it, Woodsy!! :LOL:

    Welcome scapegoat, believe me the anticipation of riding is exceeded by its reality...
  11. Cheers guys.

    I'm up at Albury. Have the Alps on my doorstep as well as the flatlands. Pretty good riding country I reckon.

    To abvc.. I haven't heard this song. Who is the artist/band, I'll have to chase it up for a listen.
  12. Welcome to the NR lunacy scapegoat

    Love ya work Woodsy :wink:
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  14. Shhhh, you promised you wouldn't tell :wink:
  15. Welcome :)
  16. Scapegoat, Hi & welcome

    When its time to go for your P's keep an eye on the signs on the brick wall there @ the Albury RTA , they switch them around from to Stop - Giveway. Either way, what ever you do STOP @ the fence line.

    Yeah I know you cant see up & down the road with the cars parked & common sense would be to crawl out so you can, but DONT, they will fail you.

    Or you could just go over to Corowa & do a couple of runs around the block & roundabout :LOL:
  17. welcome mate, hope to hear about how you go finding a name :LOL:
  18. GTD, Yeah I live in Stabbington (i.e Lavington for non-locals), but my house mate is not a legend at all. He made me do manual labour all w/end!!!! :p

    Charmed, Thanx for the heads up. Might be worth a trip to Corowa!
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