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Scanning, pre-empting & prepare for the WORST!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by VCM, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Its been almost 2 months since Ive got my learners permit, been riding on a daily basis ( to and from work ) for about 10 days and clocked up around 400 km.
    It certainly has been a learning experience, as I am confronted with many things for the first time. On top of having to 'learn' how to ride ( ie become comfortable on two wheels ), I have had to deal with all this "NEW" stuff that I havent come across before in 28 years of driving. Like traffic flow, unpredictable drivers, varying road conditions, wind, rain, careless drivers, hail .. thunder.. lighning... rocks.. missiles.. RPGs ... ( oops sorry got carried away ).
    Anyway I am loving it !
    Ive always had this fear in the back of my mind that, sooner or later, the envitable will happen... I will take a fall, or possibly worse :shock:
    In my attempt to avert this, and from what i have read here, I have always scanned my enviroment and tried to prepare for the unexpected. I cover brakes at almost every intersection, driveway, or any condtion where a mishap could take place.

    Well . I gotta say you guys were right .. IT PAID OFF !!
    I was on my way home last night, travelling southbound on Hammond Rd Dandenong ( single lane no medium strip ). Street lighting very poor, road conditions terrible due to some construction. Anyway ... was travelling at around 70kmh, when i noticed a ute stationary in a driveway on the right side of the road. Becuase he was just sitting there and facing straight ahead ( could tell by the headlamps ) I wasnt sure if there was anyone even in the car, or if he was turning right/left ??
    So ... ( thanks again to the advice here ).. I pre-empt!
    I slow a little, move to the left side of my lane, cover the brakes and watch. Sure enough this asshole decides to pull out to do a right turn, ignoring me completely.
    Well within a fraction of a second my brakes were applied, high beam flashed .. the idiot then stood on his brakes and stopped midway into my lane. I think it was the fact that I was ready 'early' and applied the brakes so soon after registering a possible disaster, I was able to come to a almost complete stop at least 1 metre before I had reached him, no lockups .. no skidding... then casually rode around him .. honking my horn as I went past him.
    Rider - 01
    CAGE - NIL
    What have I learnt from this? ... What advice, if any, can I offer to fellow newbies??? .." Take in ALL you can from the experiences of others in this forum ... listen .. learn ..
    SCAN AHEAD ..... PRE-EMPT ... and PREPARE !! <<< IT WORKS :!:

  2. Well done VCM, sounds like you did a great job !

    It is amazing how much more you see and how quickly you learn when riding a bike. I think a lot of new riders are surprised at all of the idiots out there when they first start out.
    I think it also makes you a much better driver in a car as well, you notice soooo much more after riding a bike.

    Thats really one of the first things that new riders should learn, scanning and seeing way ahead of you.
    As you found out, if you can see something that might happen way ahead of you, youre much quicker to react if it does.

    I also totally agree about this forum. Finding this website was like finding a goldmine for me.
    Everyone is so helpful and you can always get help with whatever youre looking for!

    Again, well done on the great job and ride safe....... :biker:
  3. Well done VCM in avoiding what could have been a much worse incident. :grin: Damn cagers :evil:

    Sounds like you pulled of a pretty much text book avoidance you should be proud of yourself :p :LOL:

    I just hope that I am as perseptive as you were the first time this sort of thing happens to me. :?

    Good to hear that you seemed to keep your calm for the rest of your ride. There is nothing worse than riders that lose their cool on one cager just to lose their concentration and not be paying attention 100m down the road when it happens again :shock: :(

    Glad to hear you came out ok 10/10 marks for your roadcraft. And I agree driving prior to getting the bike has made me feel more comfortable in the short time I am riding, it helps you to be able to read other road users and what they are going to do.

  4. Good work avoiding the spill.
    But i have one question... Every where i go to do with bikes, on the internet, everyone says very similar things to your "SCAN AHEAD ..... PRE-EMPT ... and PREPARE "

    I havent found this to be an at all difficult transition between car and bike..

    Are people admitting they dont do any of this in a car? (dont get me wrong, i KNOW they dont, but is this an admission?)

    It all seems like commonsense to me.... IMO anyway
  5. Unfortunately most car drivers dont do this !

    Obviously, youre a lot more vulnerable on a bike so your life depends on this type of thing.

    It is a common sense thing, but youd be surprised how many people dont do this and get caught out !
  6. Precisely... BUT if you need to be told this, or reminded of it, or its not something that you are doing. Then in the interests of your own, and everybody elses safety you really shouldnt be on the road. Regardless of weather your driving a car, truck, riding a bike, or a shopping
  7. You may be correct in threory, HOWEVER ... Right or Wrong, Its a fact that a large portion of riders that have begun riding long after they have been driving ( ie already experienced drivers) will tell you that 'riding' has made them become even better drivers. I class myself as a pretty safe driver, and after 28 years of it, I thought there couldnt be room for improvement ... WRONG!
    As Paul said, riders are more vunerable so its not only advisable to be 100% alert on a bike ... its CRUCIAL. Most of us have all driven whilst tuning a radio station, lighting a smoke, thinking of something other than whats on the road. Try diverting your attention from where it should be whist riding and my guess is you are an automatic candidate for temporary citizenship :shock:
    So . YES you are correct, but YES.. most of us do it as drivers. And its not until I became a rider, that I realised just how 'not-so-great' a driver I had become.
  8. VCM, i agree. And i have noticed a difference in my driving after starting riding.

    And i definately agree, that due to the added vunerability you seem to notice more idiots on the road. I binned mine because a car pulled out in front of me, didnt see me, and i swerved around them, put me onto a patch of loose gravel on the road, which i knew was there, but really had no where else to go. the back end slid on the gravel and i hit the deck at 90 odd ks. and slid off onto the shoulder cleaning my head up against a rock. a good dirt bike rider, probably would have saved it. but i aint one lol

    And the car didnt even stop.

    So i think it would do a lot of car drivers a lot of good to get out on a bike and see what its like from inside a helmet..

    But the general idea, to ride/drive as though everbody else is an idiot. Should be the same in a car, on a bike, or crossing the road on foot.
  9. Its a pity it wasn't mandatory, it would sure make alot of drivers realise what the average rider has to deal with.

    If everyone thought this way, we'd have alot less accidents and fatalities on our roads :idea:
  10. And less "lowered speed limits" ????

    Aww it'll never happen. Trouble with common sense these days is, it aint all that common :shock:
  11. VCM- i have seen you riding around, i live in Skye, and i think you were practicing up and down my street 3-4 weeks ago, hahaha.

    good job with avoiding a potentially bad situation, you really have to watch it in the industrial areas after hours!

    good luck with riding, and if you see a tall dude on a black bandit 250 with no L or P plates, that's me.
  12. Thanks mate !! :wink:
    Dont think Ive ventured out to your neck of the woods yet .. but just in case it was your street .. " I'm sorry about your letter box " :LOL:

    BTW .. no "L" or "P"s ... so you've been licenced for 12 mths right? :shock:
  13. ...errr... right :wink: :wink:

    if it wasnt you i'm mistaking you for another person on a SL cutting learner laps, hahaha. they were doing pretty good too!