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Scanning/Copying X-Rays

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pete the freak, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Yo dudes,

    I finally got my scanner at work to function and I thought I'd be real cool and scan in the X-Rays I recently got done of my (still) broken foot. But alas, I couldn't get them to scan nicely. :?

    Does anyone know of any secret tricks to scanning/copying Xrays? I have a flat-bed scanner as part of a Samsung MFC which I've tried with the lid down and up.

    A little help?

    Come on, you know you want to see the insides of my mangled foot...

    (Curse you Rebecca Chung and your VW Passat!!!!)
  2. you need to use the transparency setting (normally used for... well... err... transparencies/slides) on your scanner if it has one. :)
  3. Anything transparent really needs one of those fancy scanners that have two light sources and can therefore shine light through the transparancy whilst scanning (designed mainly for photo negatives). I've tried to scan transparent stuff with a normal scanner before and never had any luck - best bet is to put it against a window and use a digital camera.
  4. Have you tried asking the radiological department if they have a scan themselves. Some new radiologists keep computer scans of their Xrays.
  5. You really need a transparency adaptor for your scanner to get the best results.

    Failing that, if you have a light box or the like. place the xray on that and use a digital camera on macro setting.
  6. What he said

    Do a search for "transparency scanner"; they are a lot cheaper than they used to be (I think I sold on once for $3,999!!!)
  7. if you want/need them scanned properly, let me know... i'm always up for a bit of misuse of office resources ;)
  8. I got a result (not necessarily a good one but readable) by setting my scanner to the transparency setting and leaving the lid open with a light over it. (the transparency bit generally only works for slides as it has a small light set into the lid)

    It's not wonderful but it does show all the plates and screws up :roll:

  9. Well post it then :)
  10. I can ask my mother - she's a radiographer. but yeah, you need a backing light source. I've improvised once by placing the x-ray on a lightbox, and then placing the scanner upside down on top of it. Worked.
  11. i'll ask my mate how he did it! If you click on the link in my sig there is a small link to some xrays at the top of the page above the picture. You can see how they turned out and then i'll let you know!!!