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Scandinavian in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by The Danish, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. Hi all!

    I am a 'sort of' recent inhabitant of Melbourne. Been here since september 2014 and only just recently got my motorcycle learners (jan 10 2016). Never been riding before, but it feels so natural and comfortable.

    I got a used 2011 Yamaha FZ6R, which had about 7700km on it, and have, in the 4 weeks since I got it, been commuting every weekday and riding everyday as well. It is incredible to see the progress that can be made in such a short time. Currently sitting at about 1300km of riding experience.

    Besides this motorcycle stuff, I do Scuba diving as a Divemaster which is equally as incredible as motorbikes.

    Can't wait to go on group rides and learn more from everyone.
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  2. Welcome mate, sounds like your killing it already!
  3. welcome aboard :)
  4. Welcome :D

    FZ's are good bikes
  5. Velkommen til NR
    Jeg snakke litt norske men bra nok å si lykke til og godt tidene med alt du gjorde (vanskelig pa data)
    Har de bra! :)
  6. Showoff. ......:p
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  7. Ha
    Since I came back from Norway I only used to get to speak norske with my cat and the odd bemused lost scandanavian backpacker in Sydney CBD!
  8. Welcome to NR...

    Yeah..the FZ's are awesome bikes.

  9. Thanks all for the welcome. So a bit of an update. I crashed the FZ about 2 months into having it. Nothing major, but it was a write off anyway. Was a bit sad to have to let it go.
    Picked up a new CBR650F two weeks ago and have just dropped her off for her first service today. I am loving the new bike and I am excited to take her to do my VIC MC License test in two weeks time.
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  10. Hello and welcome, mate :happy:, sorry to hear about your FZ. Nice choice of the next ride though (y). Sounds like you'll have some awesome practice next weekend before your licence test :whistle: Hope you lot won't leave me in the dust riding up Zumsteins :wideyed:!
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  11. Thanks. To paraphrase a, probably really profound, saying, "I have known love and loss".
    I am looking forward to next weekend. Last trip planned I had to cancel because of the loss of the previous bike so I am very excited.
    I'll be doing exaggerated head checks all the way in preparation for the test.
    Been looking at the route. Lots of nice twists so will take it slow to fully enjoy it all :)
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  12. Sorry to hear abt the fz..

    And congrats on the new bike..
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