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Scamtown population this guy?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gurbachen, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Hey there, finally put my bike up on bikesales, got a message the very next day asking about price and to email suchandsuch@blahblah and got super excited! Until I received this email:

    Thanks for mailing back,am ok with the price and the condition.Am
    buying it for my holiday as i'll soon be coming from our rig as
    am a petroleum engineer on a rig offshore,i won't be able to come for
    the inspection due to the nature of my work,i would have love to call
    in person but our satellite server has been down which restrict our
    calls.i will be paying you through PayPal,pls get back to me with your
    PayPal details so i can proceed with the payment and contact the
    courier agent who will come to pick it up and deliver it in my place.
    Await your reply.

    Super scamtown? I assume so
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    Yes its a scam I've had this one recently too
  3. Yep, the "I'm on an oil rig" is a popular one.
  4. I feel sorry for motorcyclists who work on oil rigs
  5. all those messages that asks you to send though email I ignore, the same as the numbers that doesnt look like normal mobile/phone numbers.

    Im getting 9/10 messages being scams..............if your a buyer, the best way to contact would be to do a quick call.
  6. It must be so annoying to actually be a biker on an oil rig and trying to get people to trust you. Like the one company who really does have an excellent penis enlargement product
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  7. Hard being a worker on a dredge and buying things, but actually calling them up personally and talking with them usually helps.
    At least when i write something it doesnt sound like a 2 year old wrote it though - guess that helps.
  8. So,,,,You've actually tried it out???
  9. Just say "no problem, as long as your "agent" comes to my place with the full amount in cash he can collect the bike and then email it to you on your "oil rig"."
  10. lol, no, just a joke from some comedian I don't remember, about a legitimate company that really does have the perfect penis enlarger but can't get anyone to listen. My gf says I don't need one...she wouldn't lie would she?! :angel:
  11. Trust me when I say you don't want a big one. It's the devil in disguise.
  12. Wouldn't you get more oil?
  13. Ross Nobale on his around OZ bmw trip I think.
  14. Basically they pay you.
    Collect your bike
    Lodge a complaint via PayPal stating goods never sent
    get their money refunded.
    they have $$ and a bike
    you = ****ed over royally
  15. ...or they fund paypal using a legitimate but stolen credit card number. The sale is reported as false, the monies have to be returned and the unsuspecting seller is left without the bike or the money.

    The key part of the scam is to send an agents fee to the agent via western union.
  16. Most of the time they never take your bike, just trick you into sending money to a shipping agent via western union.
  17. Got another one today, exact same text message, different name, ignored it this time. Wish there was a way to counter-scam them
  18. There is a scam baiting site with tips on how to tie them up. There are some great pics :)

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  19. that would be this one I believe:


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  20. LOL!!

    Ermm...pssst! Do ya know the name of that company? Pssst...