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Scam or not? Your opinions please.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bambam_101, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. Looking at purchasing a second bike and came across a 2005 Yamy R6 with bugger all kms on the clock and supposedly mint condition. Seller was only asking $5400. Located in QLD i think from memory. (bikesales isnt bloody working atm)

    Anyways, sounds awesome so I shoot off an email to the bloke. No phone number.

    Just enquiring about the R6 for sale mate.

    Is the price a typo? Seems quite cheap for an 05 model.

    Can you tell me anything about the bike if its not sold already?



    This is the reply I get.....

    Hello Mr. xxxxxxxxxx,

    Please take a few moments and read this email carefully because you may be the next owner of this beauty.
    The price for it is 5,400 AUD. The bike is in perfect condition and has no mechanical problems. No scratches or dents, no accidents. All services have been made at a Yamaha Service in time. The bike was mostly garage kept. It is AU model and can be registered to your name without problems.
    Regarding the payment I am aware of the buyer's protection and specially I will use an SafeTrader Third Party with bikesales.com.au which will hold the payment until the buyer will receive the product.

    I will wait for your email to let me know if you are interested in knowing more details about the purchase and please reply asap and let me know your full name and where are you located (your full shipping address) to calculate shipping cost.

    I am more than happy to send you more photo's if u want but what of? Do you want close up's of something? More pictures the same as what on Bikesales? I need you to help me with this.


    I then replied that I will catch a flight there and look at the bike and pay cash in person. No reply as yet. Admittedly i only replied this morning.

    What you guys think? Deal or no deal?
  2. This sounds remarkably similar to a scammy ad that someone was looking at a month or so ago.... Bravus maybe? Time for a search.

    Edit: This is the thread I was thinking of.
  3. In my opinion it sounds like a scam, nobody loses money that easily. It almost sounds like one of those get rich quick or lottery schemes.
  4. Danger Will Robinson, Danger .... wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.
  5. Sound familiar?
  6. Yeah im 99% certain its a scam.

    I guess im just being hopeful that there are some retards out there that dont know what theyve got!

    I remember not too long ago, a customer of mine came in to work and he was devistated. His Mrs father died recently and had left them a pair of speakers worth about $30,000. Without his knowledge, his wife sold them for about $2000 before he could even get them. He was gutted.
  7. Who says "Garage Kept"? Considering that has been said in both replies........ SCAM IMO
  8. Before going and writing this off as a scam there are ways to check its authenticity.

    First, visually inspect the bike, write down its VIN and frame numbers if available, rego details and the guy's name.

    Then check with that state's vehicle security register to see if it looks legit.

    Then, and only then, if you're satisified that it is a geniune deal, then proceed further.

    How does the price compare to others and to the Redbook or Glass's Guide prices?

    Good luck.
  9. +1 MJT.

    Even so, it does smell like a scam. I reckon an email to bikesales admin is in order. Let them sort it out.
  10. Bam Bam - Check out the email I received below for an '05 R1 that was going for 5k

    Thank you for your interest in my 2005 Yamaha YZF-R1 Limited Edition (RAVEN BLACK) .The bike
    is still for sale.
    The PRICE is AU $5,000.00. The Yamaha is in great condition and was never involved in an
    accident. The motor runs very well. The bike was always garaged. The Yamaha is registered in
    Australia and the title is clear.
    The delivery will take between 5 and 8 working days (with insurance and 15 days return
    If the bike does not matches 100% the description, you will return it in maximum 15 days and
    I will pay for the return shipping fees.
    PAYMENT will be made through eBay so we can be both protected!
    If you agree with my above terms, I'm sure that we can close the deal as soon as possible.

    Thank you,
    Chris Stoffa

    Here is a photo album of the bike:

    There was other shit as well eg: Can't view the bike because is at an army base in a packing crate; Payment will be made with ebay buyer protection (which only covers you for $350 mind you) etc etc

    This bike only had an email address also, so I googled it and look what I found:


    His email address was listed. I suggest you report your email address to these guys as well.

    F**kin' Scammers

    BTW: I also checked out the VIN# etc with the NSW RTA and they were legit BUT as soon as I suggested using a legitimate escrow service and phone contact the emails stopped. I informed drive.com.au and motorcycle trader mag and they pulled the ads immediately.

    All the Best,

  11. Scam with a capital 'S'

    reminds me of a Harley that caught my eye about a year ago on Ebay (worth about $20k and for sale for $6k)

    "One careful owner" blah blah blah.......bike in QLD and has been all it's life blah blah blah......problem was, every photo of the bike had snow in the background. WTF ? I thought......sent an email (just out of curiosity) and reieved a similar bullshit reply to yours, ie, "the bike's in storage in QLD" "When I recieve full payment to my bank account (which was in Canada by the way) I'll freight immediately...etc."

    Short answer: If it sounds too good to be true.......
  12. you haven't met me yet!!

    06 R6 $5000... pm me for my paypal account. i'm only selling it to get me the money for my trip to nigeria. i'll get 1.3mil when i get there, but my account currently won't let me transfer it. can i just have your bank account number and i'll let you keep the point 3?


    edit: $1500 for Netriders :p
  13. OH WOW I'm in, I'll come and buy it, just send me the money
    for the airfare and I'll come write you a check, honest :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Scams abound, even on usually reputable web-sites.

    My brother wrote off his VFR with 165,000kms on it, less than a month later it popped up on eBay for $5,500 with 61,000kms on the clock. The seller said that he had had to replace the instrument panel, but brother and I can swear to the fact that the bike was ridden AFTER the accident, and the instument panel was perfect in every way.

    He contacted eBay and flagged the scam, they did not even do him the courtesy of a reply :roll:.

    If this one isn's a scam, it'll do till one comes along.
  15. If it is a scam and it is off bikesales then the team at bikesales would notify you within a couple of weeks.

    I was looking at one of the bikes on bikesales and had a few emails between me and the seller but was kinda sceptical with the low price for a good bike so I was holding off. Then one day bikesales sent me an emails letting me know that it was a scam. I called them up and they gave me some details as to why they thing it was a scam.

    If you're not going to get it ASAP then maybe you could wait awhile and see if anything comes up from bikesales.
  16. Scott its a scam.. No phone no and only email addy is a dead give away..

    Steer clear my friend.. :evil:
  17. I can't believe you are only 99% convinced it's a scam.

    Of course its a bloody scam.

    It's written in Ingrish and it's almost verbatim to all of the other scams out there that have been pulled from bikesales.

    Write this one off. Who is going to sell you a 3 year old bike for a 3rd of it's retail value. Give it a big fat raspberry :)
  18. I know it was a scam. There was just that little part of me that wanted it to be for real!

    Back to the drawing boards I guess. :cry:
  19. You checked out the bikes I sent you yet?