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scam bikes for sale

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by doop, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. you may have read on ebay about an online scam but ive recently found it on other sites. an overseas seller offers a bike (a blue r1 in this case) below market price and later claims that he is overseas and that the bike is in custody of a delivery company. they say that payment to the company is required prior to delivery and that company will confirm the bikes status, condition and delivery date on the phone. they claim that you can be fully refunded if the bike is not to your satisfaction on delivery. ofcorse there is no bike or company at all and you have just given out your credit card details to a complete stranger.

    you would have to be pretty dum to fall for this and pay for something without seeing it in person, but it did take up a fair slice of my time and energy.

    i emailed them leaving my phone number and couldnt believe my luck. (ive been looking for a used bike for a couple of weeks) about an hour after i emailed them i got an sms saying no worries, come and see the bike.

    a 2 hour drive later i get to the address. WTF. this is a different bike.
    the sms i got was from another seller i had emailed a week prior. lol. the bike i was now standing in front of was in an absolute mess of a condition.

    dissappiontment plus!!

    then to top the day off driving on unfarmiliar roads on my way home, i overtake a bunch of cars that were slowing down for no apparent reason to look back in my rear view mirror and see 3 asshat boxes pointing at me. so ive got a speeding fine to look forward to as well.

    i guess the moral of the story is that if you see something too good to be true then it probably is eh?
  2. err..... yes, actually :roll:.
  3. Yeah, had something similar with a Nissan 350Z on eBay :roll:

    BTW: Whats an asshat box? :?
  4. It's the container that he stores his donkey's headgear in. Right smee?
  5. Hehe,

    Yeah, I saw the same ads.

    2004 R1's for sale for under $6K ... pretty damn attractive deal.
    I've e-mailed that seller.
    Figured it for BS, but you never know when some pissed off wife is selling her good-for-nothing husband's bike for a pittance just to spite him ;)

    Looked into the holding company they say they use - it's an investment funds brokerage, dealing in shares trading and short-term speculation.
    Definitely NOT a property/sale intermediary.

    True: if it's too good to be true, it most likely is.
  6. I saw pics of MY R1 for sale on eBay about a week ago. I thought that was novel. Vic plates, seller in Sydney, seller registered in the U.S. It was removed 30 minutes later.
  7. That guy's not even trying....
  8. I got an email from a lawyer in Nigeria, he wants to split $10Million with me 50/50. All I have to do is send him $11 grand so he can pay the holding company the fees they want.

    Now the big question is this.. I don't now this guy from a bar of soap, but he assures me that someone we know gave him my name and told him that I am trustworthy. Trust is a valuable thing these days.

    http://www.419eater.com/ :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. I hope that happens to me so I can tell them well that someone we know should have told you I don't f'n have 11 grand..... and dude how good is that scam baiting crap. I've had like 3 russian brides send me scanned copies of their tickets to Tullamarine lol...... I love wasting normal peoples time, let alone scammers.
  10. Hi All,
    Yeah have seen a few scan bike auctions popping up,

    There was a lot of car auctions on ebay that had prices in the $8000 to $9000 range at one stage,
    about 2 years ago,
    all scams, then was a few bike as well,
    all of these where in the catergory of too good to be true "buy it now" auctions,
    most were quite easily researched by looking on legit car or bike sales sites and finding where the picture where stolen from,
    some that easy that the site could be found in the picture properties, (right click on image and select properties)
    The rest just google the auction title, most where direct quotes from other sites.

    Seriously, if someone is selling an R1 CBR GSXR etc,
    2000 model or newer for well below its market value,
    have to be suspicious from the outset,
    And as stated no money changes hand till the bike is seen and verified.


    had a friendly guy email me, offering a share of 35 million USD,
    if I help him get the money out of South Africa, that was a new one, rofl.
  11. This comes up heaps for car ads. A guy on a car forum I post actually got done by it unfortunately, lost a couple of grand (nearly $10k I think) on a fake Supra ad (this one was in Italy supposedly) The real kick in the teeth was that he actually found the car for sale for not a whole lot more.
  12. yea the owner of the r1 i was looking at was "in italy" also.. maybe hes doing alright from it then?
  13. Hello everyone!
  14. The only thing I ever got was an email saying that I have just inherited something in the vicinity of $150 million USD from some long-lost relative. The only thing they wanted is about $25k to clear the funds from Nigeria. :roll:

    Naturally, I deleted it without replying.

    What amazes me is not that people try these types of scams, but that some people actually fall for it. My cousin recieved such an email, and was excited that it may be true. :roll:

    I can't believe I know ANYONE that stupid. ](*,)
    Needless to say, I kindly informed her of how stupid she is. Good thing she wasn't so stupid as to actaully do anything.
  15. Yeah, someone tried it on with me using the 'Nigerian scam'. I was selling stuff on ebay and basically they wanted me to post it before I received payment. I reported them and their account was closed. Here is more on this:


    There is a hilarous corresspondence in the URL at the bottom of that page.
  16. EBay's pretty good. I've never had a problem. It's easy to overlook when you see something you really want and are strapped for time, but ALWAYS checkout feedback on the seller, before bidding, and certainly report dodgy stuff. Scams are usually one-of efforts to get what they want from you.

    The bin of my life these days is Readers Digest. Once they sent an unsolicited book. I sent it back postage due, it stopped them for a year or two.