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Scalar Rider + iPhone

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by stigger, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. Ok after my N95's screen finally gave up the ghost I'm now the proud owner of a iPhone...

    I've paired it with my Scalar Rider FM (incase it makes any difference) and all the phoney functions work all well so far, but and now the fun starts iPhone won't stream music to the headset like the N95 did. So the question is have a missed some magic incantation, or has Our Lord Steve Jobs decreed that streaming to bluetooth is against his blackshirted way.

    Any Ideas, suggestions, runes???
  2. You havn't missed anything , it won't stream music via bluetooth.
    You will need to plug your iPhone in via the mp3 connection to the headset to listen to music.
  3. You would need a battery bigger than the one that powers your car for it to do BT streaming ;)
  4. The N95 used to cope ok.
  5. welcome to apple :evil:
  6. I believe OS 3 for the iPhone sterams music BT, it'll only be mono in the scala (to both ears but still mono), try update your OS
  7. The N95 had a better battery and a smaller screen. You require a lot of power to run the iPhone screen.
    If you have BT and WI-Fi running that helps heaps in draining your battery.
    Not to mention having 3G turned on when not required.

    I managed to get the phone to run from 9pm Saturday till 10.30pm Sunday by turning everything off.
  8. Thanks for the info...
    I'll stick to my windows Mobile device that streams music to BT fine (for up to 6 hours)
  9. hmm... to buy an iPhone next or not... :rofl:
  10. Why not invest in a set of earmolds and buy an iPhone, you are allowed to have the best of both worllds you know. WM6. is still rubbish at the end of the day ;)
  11. I thinking about one of these iPhone thingo's... does the GPS / maps thingo installed work ok on the tank of a bike?? Or should I buy that app that makes it into a 3D nav man thingo?
  12. Because I don’t want wires.
    And because I don’t like having plugs in my ears.
    And the rubbish statement is very subjective.
    I still have seen no Functional (As apposed to toy) thing that the iPhone does that a WM device doesn’t, But I have seen many the other way around.
    The iPhone is definitely a better toy, but not a better tool.
  13. Its ok as a replacement for a paper map. It doesn't do turn by turn very well, though.

    I really don't want to be looking at a screen when riding anyway, so if I'm lost I tend to stop the bike pull out the phone and consult the map, and put it away, so it works ok for me. It's actually improved my memory for routes, actually, doing it this way.
  14. +1. It's almost insulting the way people rely on their sat nav to get them down to the corner store and back for a carton of milk. For the few years I have been on the road I have appreciated, frequently called upon, and expanded the street directory in my head. Rarely do I need to refer to the book to tell me where to go, and I flatly refuse to buy a machine that cant even get me around a traffic jam.
  15. OK as a sort of answer to my own post the way I understand it is this...

    The original iPhone had support for both the hands free and possibly the old Headset Profiles (I'm not 100% sure about the Headset Profile some people say it did apple say not). Neither of these profiles are for streaming media they are just for phone functions. Now because of a bug in the old iPhone OS and presumable the same reason in the N95 you used to be able to stream music using one of these profiles.

    Now Apple have added A2DP and AVRCP to the iPhone to provide media streaming. Unfortunately the Scalar FM doesn't do A2DP so no bluetooth streaming for me but it does have a FM receiver and I have a FM transmitter so I can get the music that way and when a call comes in the music stops and I can take the call, also the voice controls work to so I can change track etc too.

    So not as elegant as I may have wanted but it works...

    To FALCON-LORD, The iPhone is a better toy, and as far as I can tell just as good a tool...
  16. I used MW5, 6, a custom version of 5 and 6 and it was crap.
    It was as useful as an old rotary dial phone.

    I had a dopod 838 pro for 12 months and couldn't wait to get rid of it. It was hopeless as was the windows software that needed a daily reboot for it to function.

    The setting would change by themselves, I could never hear it ringing because obviously Microsoft wanted me to make more calls than receive so it kept turning the ringer right down low.

    The only thing that it did well now that I think of it, was crash :D
  17. I am not sure why you had so many issues vic, but I have a D810.
    It maintains the settings without any issue
    I will reboot mine every week or so, but that is normally because the third party music software I use has a couple of issues, not because of the OS it’s self.
    Looking at things like the issues with Streamed music.
    The Dopod also supports A2DP, but because I can manipulate the OS I have been able to tweak it to my requirements on the go (Not locked down to only do what apple dictates)
    It is stable and did everything I wanted (Until it got extremely wet now the GPS has crapped it (But that can hardly be blamed on the phone))
    Your one experience does not a bad phone make.
  18. Granted but I'm hardly going to say that the OS is brilliant when I found that it was just a piece of shit in a shiny package now am I??

    I am relaying MY opinions not yours :p

    I used it for a year and it was shit. Others that I know that also ran WM5/6 also stated that the OS was shit. I'm only relaying my experiences.

    Switching from an MS OS was a relief that was short lived as my Symbion60 OS on the N95 8GB was painful. I managed to crack my first screen on the N95 and that fast tracked my decision to go the iPhone. A decision that was a good one as I love the phone and all that it can do.
    Well, all except for the completely stupid fact that it fails to handle .ics files. The iMac does it but the phone does not which is painful. I assume that one day Apple will enable it.
  19. Alright, Vic, I can't stand it any longer; what's the Greek stuff in your sig?????
  20. People I'm singing - I am no slave "- Stelios Kazantzidis
    Google (Language tools) is your friend