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Scala Rider Q2 Review after First ride.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Titanium, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. Well my bro-in-law and I received a multi set for Christmas from our wives and took it for its first run last weekend. My initial thoughts are listed below.
    Installation in my HJC AC11 was easy as the neck foam comes out easily with the cheek pads. My bro had a new Shoei (not sure which one) and it worked well but with some squashing of the neck foam. He said this had no effect on the wind noise. We both used the clip on method rather than the glue pad..(both supplied). Threaded the speakers under the foam and the velcro stuck to the padding superbly.
    Pairing was easy. The were factory paired as they came as a set. Incidentally the multi user set comes with 2 of everything, inc. chargers etc even down to 2 allen keys....only thing not doubled up was the instruction manual.
    My phone...Nokia 6120...paired with no probs by bluetooth and would do so automatically from then on. My only issue was that I have to manually say to my phone to disconnect from it even if i turn of the scala. my bro had no probs with his newer nokia (again not sure his model).
    Next was performance.....up to 110 km/h sound was easily audible at medium volume even with earplugs. We both use custom fitting silicone plugs. In short amazing. Above this speed wind noise started to intrude a little but was still useable just a little more noisy. Did not try too much more (double demerits in NNSW).
    Voice dialling on the phone was easy. Just a quick press on the main button, speak clearly the name of who I wanted from my phonebook to call and it works...just as well as the cars blue tooth. After the call is over I think it will auto pair with the other intercom but we just pressed the other button and it paired immediately.
    Range was ok. With no cars in between range was easily 200-250 metres. Above this range a bit of crackle. Also would do the same if there were 4-5 cars b/w us. Still useable but a bit of a crackle. Above 350metres they lost connection. Reconnected when in range again after a quick button press. It auto connected once by itself but we usually beat it to this.
    Battery life. We charged them overnight (Manual says 4-5 hours for full charge). We used them non-stop for the full putty rd loop (350kms) from north west sydney..about 5 hours talking. Since then I have used it during the week on phone function only....still on the original charge. Should be fine for a days ride no problem.
    Have not tested the FM radio function...doubt I ever will. I will test out the mp3 function in the future.
    So basically if you and a friend are looking for an easy to use and good sounding unit, so far I can only recommend. I give it a 9/10 deducting marks for the crackling when getting to the 200metre range mark, and having to manually disconnect it from my phone (this could be my phones quirk rather than the scala).
    Recommended +++
    Cheers, Ray.

  2. Mate if you get a chance could you try the FM radio,I came very close to buying the radio equipped model,but the 2 downsides for me were hardwired speakers,I want to use my custom silicon plugs with the built in
    speakers and the rear killer,only mono reception via blue tooth for the radio and I suppose MP3,not that interested in the bike to bike or phone stuff,BTW my Tomtom has an MP3 function but I am keen to hear how the radio goes,bit of a Triple J junky.If it was stereo they would have my dollars by now.
    thanks for taking the time for the revue.
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  4. Thats the gadget,the best place I have found to buy them is a BMW dealer at Rydalmere in Sydney,name starts with M and is long,I dont remember it though,as I said its a cheap price for a great gadget ,but not being stereo for music is a problem for me.Bet the next model address this.
  5. ?? It connects to FM and MP3 but isn't stereo??

    Ok, it just fell off beez kneez status.
  6. IMC Camos do STEREO BT headsets :cool:
    Try googling it in Aus :wink:
  7. I have a brand new never used Q2 for sale if anyone wants it. Also I use the Camos BT300 that I bought from the states - AWESOME stereo music over bluetooth but not as good as the Q2 for phone... the Q2 is awesome for phone and intercom!
  8. Hey, Samhain, how much do you want for your Scala Q2? I don't have enough posts to send PMs, so pls PM me. Cheers.