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Scala Q3 Multiset

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by khamil23, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. Bought one of these the other day, every feature works as it should bar one, the hot dial/link thing. Ive downloaded the program onto the computer and tried several different mobile/home phone numbers and nothing. When I push the little button like it says to do 3 times it just goes "bleep". Phone is a Samsung galaxy if it helps. The Bluetooth connection between phone and Q3 is fine, as it plays music from phone and people can ring me. Is there something so obvious that im not doing right???

  2. Mine steps up ok, when you typed in the ph number you did hit save didn't you. Also did it save the pre set fm stations-if you went there?
  3. yer after changing the numbers and radio stations I make sure to sync the unit to computer. Ive tried the +61 and drop the first 0 so that it knows its an ozzy mobile, but no luck. Yep the fm stations I changed, and they saved fine. I must be doing something wrong with the phone number, just not sure what...
  4. Just paired the Q3 with my girlfriends phone and the hot dial worked! Also, with my phone when someone calls me nothing rings on the Q3 (in my ears), but its definitely connected via Bluetooth because I can listen to music from my phone. Ive checked all the settings on my phone and it seems to be ok, has got me stumped
  5. Obviously the hot dial works for your gf phone cause she's hot (and your not).

    Seriously, what sort of phone does she have? Have you tried doing a restart of hour phone? Galaxy's can be a bit tempramental sometimes.
  6. Ahah fresh memory just caught up with me, it is your phone, I had the same problem & had to update my old phone from at the time a Alcatel to a Huwei, just a basic $75 one.
  7. Ever seen that VB ad, for blokes punching above their weight? Mates call me king of the VB society haha. I just got the bloody hot dial working. I think the problem was all my contacts on my phone were saved to the sim only, played with the settings, changed them all to sync or something, now it works thank fark! was doing my head in