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Scala G9 or Shark SharkTooth?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Teamsherman, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Hi folks,

    I'm about to get myself a Shark Vision-R and am thinking of getting a headset along with it so I don't need a wire coming from the phone to my helmet for music and phonecalls ect.

    So I'm tossing up between the Sharktooth or the Scala G9, if I get the SharkTooth I'm unsure if its compatible with the Scala as I ride with a few guys that all have the G9 and I want to be able to tap into the conversation whilst riding and not be left in the silence!

    Any info greatly appreciated!!


  2. I'm on my second Scala kit, having started out with a basic pair, now have a G4 powerset.

    Software support is excellent with the Scala.

    I would be hard pressed to choose another brand after faultless performance over the last few years.
  3. I had my G9 replaced after about 2 months. Too many buttons and combinations to be bothered using all the features.
    Others may be happy. I won't recommend it.
  4. have you thought about a Sena unit?

    I have a SMH10 very happy with it lots of mounting options and configurations, very simple to use, regular FW updates with new features added, next FW update will add cross brand pairing which AFAIK will make it the first/only intercom to pair with other brands.

    I have one of my helmets set up with speakers and boom mic (commute helmet.

    my weekend helmet i use earplugs with audio jack (no speakers) and a wired mic.
  5. :( BT headsets will ONLY pair to their own brand.

    IF you want to talk to your mates you'll have to have the same brand (scala)
    IF you just want phone and STEREO music from it BT then any reputable headset will do it (like this one ;)
  6. We recently bought the Scala G9 set and so far have found it quite good. A little distracting at first as I am not used to listening to anything while riding but you do get accustomed to this. We have found it very useful while navigating in heavy traffic in Sydnakistan. Some glitches we have experienced seem to be more related to operator error than the device itself although time will tell.

    If your mates have G9s then I would go that way but that is just my opinion. The price for a single unit seems to be comparable to others. I can't comment on the shark items.
  7. I would buy a G9 to replace my G4 pair if needed. A couple of riding mates have the G9's and they like them a lot.

    Features I use most:
    -intercom between rider and pillion (wife and I do some pretty decent length rides together)
    -bluetooth music streaming to and from work
    -phone - make and receive calls. nice to be able to just press one button, wait for siri's beep, then tell her who I want to call. the mrs says that voice quality is excellent even at highway speed
    -gps voice guidance

    that's about it - don't really use the voice setup/config.