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Scala G9 intercom cutting out

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by tommytee, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. Heya guys, i bought the Scala G9, i have to admit its the best thing i have ever bought (apart from protective riding gear)
    but about a month ago i have started having problems with them..
    when ever i connect to the other intercom, it connects and i can hear them normally, after 25 seconds. it cuts out, and i hear the beep as in end of conversation.
    i have tried pairing up on channel b, i have even reset the factory reset the intercom channel a & b,
    also factory resetting the whole g9 itself.. any help that you guys can give me?
    the bluetooth mp3 doesn't cut out on either intercoms..

  2. Sorry Tommy there are too many variables to be able to tell.
    1. Does this cutout behavior happen when both units are on a bench inside or
      1. Bike to Bike
      2. Bike to Pillion
    2. The MP3 playing does it play to both headsets, (not sure if this is possible with this device) when conversations are not occurring.
    I think you may need to take it to a repair agent for these units in the longer term but you should have a good idea of the failure symptoms beforehand.
  3. The intercoms are set as bike to pillion
    and the bluetooth dont/cant share mp3,
    i'm currently getting a friend to pair with his G9 to see if its a problem between the pairing between the 2, or just a faulty unit
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  4. Ok, it would tend to point to the Pillion unit then. MP3 continues to play to the rider unit so its pairing with the base unit is OK. See what the results of using another unit are as you have suggested.

    I don't know the units very well so I am making a lot of assumptions. :)