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Scala G9 Bluetooth Headset

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Voz, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. Just got a pair of these for AU$420 delivered from an eBay seller http://myworld.ebay.com.au/s5s5700/&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2754 Best price locally was $549-$600.

    I currently have a Shartooth bluetooth and must say that I was damn pretty happy with it. Just 3 buttons and a slimline unit stuck to the side of my helmet. I have had one faulty Sharktooth unit replaced under warranty and recently the wire running from the head unit lost some insulation and is showing the braided earth shield.

    Anyways, I go riding with a mate and he has a Scala G9 so I thought I would grab a pair of these and replace my Sharktooth and I was also attracted to the FM radio.

    Some observations:


    - The G9 unit mounts low on the helmet by nearly 2 cm, it and the wiring coming out of the unit is the first thing that will touch the ground if I put it down, not ideal.
    - It is not 100% responsive to button presses, sometimes it won't turn on or recognise my iPhone 4 or switch to FM, etc, a bit annoying. It is kind of unuseable at present. When you first turn it on it is ok, announce "Hello" & "Mobile Phone Connected" then I can press MP3 and listen to tracks. Sometime I can skip forward sometimes not. If I press the FM button sometime radio sometimes not. If I then try to go back to MP3 often it does not. Gets frustrating, turn off and on again, same issue. I have updated to V1.3 FW and each time a button is pressed I can hear a beep, it just does not appear to change the function, or sometimes it does. [16/10/12 - RESOLVED WITH A SOFT RESET]
    - It is not as loud as my Sharktooth, I have lowered the AGC to L and it is still not loud enough for MP3 although FM radio is ok.
    - Is definatetly heavier than my Sharktooth unit.


    - It has an FM radio, excellent!
    - The kit comes with a gazillion options, cables, different mics, pads, mounts, etc, love this.
    - The unit installs as a docking station on the helmet, the main unit can then be clipped out meaning I can swap between my main and other units without ripping out all the wiring.
    - Have not tested the intercom yet but apparently has a range of up to 1.6km line of sight.
    - Has a micro-USB connector for charging and updates. Not my favourite connector but at least it is industry standard although the entry point is tight an not all of my micro USB cables fit in.

    Anyway, early days, still testing, hopefully it will work out ok. I have powered up and paired the second unit and it appears to perform faultlessy. It still has the original FW that it came with (do not know the Ver), I have not updated it to V 1.3. I guess I will have to check out forums to see how others are going with the G9 and V1.3 FW.

    I have now scanned the interwebs for others with problems with G9 and V1.3 FW. It appears mine is not an isolated problem. I have sent a support email to Scala in the USA, will wait for a response I guess.


    16/10/12 - Initial unit that had a problem after updating to V 1.3 is now performing as it should after doing an un-pair with the iPhone and performing a soft reset on the G9. Have used it for a few days now and am satisfied that it operates as it should and I am pleased with the performance. I found the Cardo/Scala facebook page to be very useful with other users reporting issues and Cardo/Scala posting technical responses and suggestions.

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  2. I will be interested to see the outcome of this I myself have been looking at buying the powerset and none of the reviews I have read so far have pointed to anything this critically bad :/
  3. Some adverse user reports:



    On their facebook page, looks like I should try a soft reset, I have just done this reset and so far so good.

    Where it was pretty much failing straight away before, it now appears to respond to the button presses ok.

    So, turn on and pair is ok, press MP3 and control your iTunes. Then press FM and it is silent until you press and hold the track FWD/tune next station button then it announces the freq and starts the radio. Despite pressing FWD button it stays on the same freq as the radio played last time which is good. Then press MP3 again and itunes starts playing, press phone button and Siri comes up.

    So far after the reset and repairing with the iPhone, it seems to do what it is meant to to.

    I will advise after a few days use.
  4. Hey mate just wondering how this turned out?
  5. So far, so good. I have used it mainly on my daily commute and have not yet tested the intercom but do not expect any problems.