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Scala G4 vs Interfone F4

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Dionikon, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Ok, so now that I'm unrestricted and all growed up and such... \\:D/

    Which means I can take my wife on the bike with me, and as expected, she loves it.

    So I'm looking to get her a headset for her helmet to pair with mine, currently an Interfone F4.

    So my question is this, should I buy another Interfone F4 for her, seems sensible to me.

    Or, buy a pair of Scala G4's and sell the Interfone?

    I like the idea of the Scala for some reason, getting shiny new stuff is a hobby of mine.

    Has anyone owned both?

    If they're equal in features / quality I'll most likely buy the Scala, however if there's anything specific with the Interfone that makes it better I'll go that way. I use the current one for music mostly so I'll want the same / or better quality for that too.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

    NB: I'm fully aware that being off my restrictions wont make a rats bum of difference to how grown up I am ;)

  2. Haven't used the Interfone, but the Scala G4 is a quality unit.

    It's louder than my Camos unit (could be a bad thing!), & a lot bulkier, but the sound quality is very good.

    If you're happy with the Interfone, that'll be cheaper because you only have to buy one, see if you can have a go of someones G4 in the meantime.

  3. The F4 rocks for simplicity, helmet to helmet under a coupla hundred meters and doesn't have a heap of interconnection option.

    The G4 on the other hand is pretty darn good. I just found another feature the other day while listening to blue tooth music from the iPhone... hold a volume button till it beeps and depending on which one, it skips the song or replays it. My only gripe with it is that you can't turn off the damn noise gate/limiter. Even at it's most sensitive setting, it is sometimes hard to get the mic to wake up... but overall i'm a fan. Buy a powerset, they're pre paired and there's a good discount compared to getting two seperate units.

    As for features, there's a few, but I still haven't used the seperate aux plug in yet not had a random chat with a passing G4'd rider.
  4. I have an F4, as does my wife. They work great. Haven't tried the G4 tho. I picked up the second F4 quite cheap from PS as they were selling them off at the time.

    Rob, F4 does the same with the volume buttons (hold down to skip etc). As far as I know, the F4 is more restrictive of what it'll connect too (as far as other head sets are concerned).
  5. Do either the Interphone or the Scala accept earbuds? The Sema seems to, although it needs a separate part purchase to do it. I want to buy a set of those moulded earplugs for music, but my current bluetooth doesn't have a jack for it.
  6. F4 doesn't.
  7. I have a G4. It's great for music and phone calls but forget about having voice recognition working at above 60 k's an hour. I don't have 2 so can't comment on the G4 to G4 chat. I mostly use it for GPS instructions and receiving phone calls.

    (My helmet is the incredibly heavy, very noisy Rjays Tourtech, yours may be quieter).
  8. Tourtech's SUCK! I owned one for 20mins before I begged the shop to give me a credit note.

    I can happily make voice recognitions commands throught the G4 to the iPhone at all legal speeds.

    GD, MV modified his G4 to an in ear bud set up, he put up an excellent thread showing the steps too IIRC.
  9. Rob's covered it, & here's the thread: netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=122595

    It can be done to essentially any unit, I've done a couple of Aldi GPS units as well.
  10. Hmm, but I'm not a soldering kinda gal, unfortunately. Great thread tho - I read it. I was a bit confused in the part where the wires are soldered b/c it wasn't clear (to me anyway) which one went where.

    Up for a business proposition MV?
  11. Looking like they're pretty similar overall, which means a new shiny is in order I think. :)

    Anyone want to buy a relatively unused (still with original packaging) F4? :p
  12. Well, considering it's my job... :)

    PM sent.
  13. Ok so I went out today and bought the scala g4 set.

    Seems like a quality unit (as it should for the $$$).

    Very early first impressions, it wouldn't work too well on the Duc, the volume is relatively low compared to the F4. Audio quality seems a bit better though.

    I'll post some more impressions after I've used it properly though... stay tuned. :)