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SC1 - My New Favorite Detailing Product In A Can

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by joetdm, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. This is for those that love a clean bike...

    Last week I was having a chat with the x vice pres of MRAV who happened to be on his Triumph Bon.
    Went to have a look and commented on how great his black painted engine looked when he told me he uses SC1 which gives it a new like finish and was real easy to use...
    Now my black painted engine on the TDM was really starting to look dull as they do so thought why not give it a go..

    So yesterday while waiting as my new tyres were being fitted, walked over to Bike Mart in Ringwood and bought a can.
    Got home, gave bike a wash and gave it a go..
    WOW, what a difference, does what it says it does and yep easy as to use..
    Does to your engine what armoral does to plastic but better..
    It almost looks like it's been resprayed!

    They say showroom look in a can and they're spot on there...
    Apparently it also stops grime, mud, etc sticking making it easier to clean..
    Also used under you mudguards for same reason..

    Here are the results..
    Brightened up the seat as well!




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  2. Got any before shots?

    Bike looks good btw.
  3. looks swish Joe, seat become slippery after the application?
  4. is it silicon based ?
  5. Yeah it's silicon based...
    shame i didn't take a before shot as enging was starting to look real dull.
    It'll be interesting to see how long it stays this way which I'll report back here when I have my answer..

    Slippery seat? I'll let you know later tomorrow after a ride down to the prom..
  6. Just a tip............. this is just as good, possibly better, and cheaper


    Used it on my boat engines for years, kept them looking like new, regardless of salt enviro, plus has other benefits other than just looking good.

    Just my opinion.......
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  7. Rogues - where is INOX available from ?
  8. On the INOX website (Retail Outlet section) you choose your region and gives a list.

    Just brought a can from Mascot Steel & Tools for $13.40.