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NT SBS this tuesday 5th June 2012 anti-bikie laws working ??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mainstage, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. SBS this coming tuesday night 8.30pm on Insight 5/June

    Bringing together bikie's law makers and the police . Do the new laws unfairly target innocent clubs and what will they do to our civil liberties ..

    this looking interesting

  2. I saw this advertised
    At least there might be a chance of intelligent discussion over sensationalism but I doubt it will change anything.
  3. Re: SBS this tuesday anti-bikie laws working ??

    it has the POTENTIAL to have a chance at intelligent discussion, however, it's just as possible that it's a beautifully crafted piece of propaganda, that will been SEEN to be addressing the issues, but just wrapping up the situation in a nice little bow for everyone to swallow. That way, if anyone starts to complain about it, they can point to the "debate" about it that showed just how lovey and innocent it all really is. Time will tell I guess. I HOPE it's a balanced assessment of things.
  4. Re: SBS this tuesday anti-bikie laws working ??

    Promo does not give much away.
    The producer - I'm confused about this - is listed in several places as working for the 7 network, despite this appearing on SBS. She is Jodie Noyce and has also worked for 9 it appears. Her history is fairly serious international reporting on the real stuff, not your Frontline type froth and spin.

    I have two concerns: will the fairness and civil liberties arguments be advanced only be OMC figures?, and; what role should the police have in promoting which laws they want to enforce?
    Both groups are too heavily compromised.
  5. Re: SBS this tuesday anti-bikie laws working ??

    How will they work this into the Bikie Wars show on channel 10?
  6. Probably via a musical montage of tits and beer
  7. Re: SBS this tuesday anti-bikie laws working ??

    Interesting, but not exactly a high level debate.

    Disappointing that the host seemed to be insisting that there is a crisis on the streets threatening all and sundry and needing an emergency response. TBH the comments from some OMC members will not win them many friends.

    Encouraging that the Law Council were able to zero in on the more serious implications and nail them.
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  8. Re: SBS this tuesday anti-bikie laws working ??

    it was dog balls

    it took about 40 minutes before God-boy sitting up the back actually strung a sentence together with some clarity on the issue.

    so few of the major OMC's were represented.

    none of the actual 'Law Makers' were in attendance.

    it pretty much was a pointless exercise that changed nothing.
  9. Re: SBS this tuesday anti-bikie laws working ??

    I liked the bit where they mentioned that the largest conviction for an organised criminal event was Standen.
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    I think they made it clear they the current laws have enough teeth and had been successful in making convictions. And that the new laws were rubbish, law should never be up to discretion of individuals, it should be firm and clear. Black and white so to say.
    Then people can identify when they are breaking the law or not.


  11. Re: SBS this tuesday anti-bikie laws working ??

    The way the "presenter" was leading them with questions was just shitting me to tears.
  12. Re: SBS this tuesday anti-bikie laws working ??

    While its the presenters job to keep the discussion moving and on a track....it was very clear which track the producer and presenter wanted to bring to the fore......
  13. Re: SBS this tuesday anti-bikie laws working ??

    it was a complete dud
    where were the Law Makers? not to be confused with Law Enforcers
    Bikie Club representation was pretty low.

    if you have watched the prgram before the presenter is probably the worst that SBS can drag up.

    this failed on all levels
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