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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robsalvv, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. Somewhere else in this forum, the comment was made that superbike school had preferred status at PI. Well according to their newsletter, they say:

    "... it's official... we are the sole providers of Schools and Ride days at Phillip Island for 5 years beginning January 2005!".

    I guess that means that any other mobs with ride days this year are just seeing out their obligations/bookings.

    Speaking of ride days... I'm booked for an SBS ride day 15th March... any other takers?


  2. spewin' rob, I'm going on the 14th :)
    And who else is providing ride days there this year??
  3. Next Friday (4th Feb) they (Phillip Island track) have an open practice day for any MA license holders. Only $100 for a full days worth of track riding ... nice if you have an MA license :)
  4. i'm doing the trackday on good friday 25/3
  5. I'll be at Phillip Island the following dates:
    13/2 Honda Rider's Club
    25/3 Superbike School
    25/4 Superbike School
  6. Whats an MA license and how do you get one?
  7. Unless you want to race or practice at Broadford, it is not worth getting one (costs $300). You have to join a racing club (anywhere between $10 and $60), do a training class then send an application with the money to MA (Motorcycling Australia) who governs motorcycle racing in Australia.

    Anyone that wants to race or practice at Broadford, send me a PM and I'll guide you as best I can :)