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SBK weekend road trip! Subject to motoplast sorting it out !

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Mickyb V9, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. I have this idea !

    Those who want to come to the SuperBikes at Philip island, I am planning to drive my car. I can fit 4 people and luggage easy. Just bring your own music and pitch in with fuel. (lol, those who have been in the car with me, no comment on my choice of music please !! hahaha :LOL:)

    I have to get Rosie's okay to see how many can stay at her place or use the grass to pitch up a 6man tent. But then she would want to know who they are, i promised Rosie no messed-up . . . . . ooops, better not go there ! :LOL:

    Now for the BIG IDEA !! :grin:

    If Tex (motoplast) can arrange it, he can ferry our bikes down on his trailer. So we can do some riding down there with the melbournians !

    And this becomes a roadtrip and a half !! :eek:

    now . . who is in ???

  2. Just ride down ya bloody sooky la la!
  3. I am in Micky.

    Lets do this thing.

    This is gunna be fcuking awsome....
  4. Alright, thats one seat gone ! . . . scrambles called "shotgun" . . :LOL:
  5. :shock:



    Aaarrrhhhh! :runningroundhouselikeanexcitedloony:

    So Scrambles? You're in?????!!! For sure???!!!

    :woot: :woot: :woot:

    I've got tents. I've got lounge room floors. Air mattresses. Sleeping bags.

    Holy crap guys - this is the best news!! I can not wait!

    - (fingers crossed you can get here - is Bundy coming too?) My yard is fully fenced. Sam - my Labrador will be fenced in the backyard so Bundy is welcome to stay out there with him. :)

    Hope you guys can make it!!!

  6. We may not need motoplast !
    We have devised a new plan.

    - Going to hire a van, most likely a Ford Transit or VW Transporter. (seats 3), next door neighbour is a branch manager for a vehicle hire place ! ;)
    - Strap bikes in the back.
    - Leave Thursday arvo.
    - Stop at the ACT, crash at haggismaen's and roll bikes out the back to cruise the ACT and meet other ACT people.
    - Leave the ACT on friday morning. (therefore not a big night, well, i'm around so Scrambles and whoever (most likely ktulu) can have a big one)
    - Lunch at the NSW/VIC border. After checking out Joels roadworks. :p
    - Should get to Phillip Island in time for the housewarming party !! :dance:

    Is that a roadtrip or what !!
  7. Should? There is no 'Should' about it. :twisted:

    I don't give a thingymebob how you guys get here...sail around the freaking coast in a leaky boat if you have to...but just get here by Friday night...okies. :twisted:

    And kidnap Joel on your way down. :grin:
  8. Wow, at least I know that my bed is secure, I don't think there is going to be much room left Rosie. :shock: :cool: :LOL:

    I'm already getting excited (so are the kids :wink: ) :dance: :blah: \:D/ :beer: :woot:
  9. hahaha, the 3 stooges embark on a roadtrip :LOL:

    MickyB, Scrambles and Ktulu, WSBK adventures, coming to a cinema near you soon. :LOL: :p

  10. We will ferry down the bikes !

    I don't think Lavender riding jackets would suit my riding attire ! :LOL:

    Oh, and is the Draggins factory outlet open while we are there ?
    If not, can someone get me a pair of RED camos ! ;)
  11. :LOL: Go the wagon, can mickey handle one horsepower!!
    If u want Mickey u can borrow my trailer. I am trying to see if I can fit in, time wise, I am committed to my Sponsors to do a Jet Ski ride from Grafton to Noosa with Bundy (500Klms) plus some stuff with Yamaha.
    If Bundy and I go, we will ride down. U can be assured Rosie, I will bust a gut to be there. Fingers crossed.
  12. Draggins will have a stall in the EXPO tent at the Supers... just bring ya credit card
  13. They will also be a bit cheaper than normal RRP too :grin:

  14. thanks Tex, i'll keep that in mind.

    I have two choices at the moment, a Ford Transit, or a Tarago with the rear seats ripped out ! :eek: :LOL:

    I don't think i'll hear the end of it if we arrive in a Tarago ! :rofl:


    2050km round trip.
    Stop 1 is Palmerston ACT to see Haggismaen . . .
  15. 1025 kays....we can totally nail that.

    I just put my days in
    "I'm not working 1st 2nd 3rd 4th or 5th. Make someone else do it."
    so I'm all good to go!

    Rosie I can't wait to see you again! But no Bundy for me thanks...bourbon on the rocks will do just fine and won't put me into a coma. I can't wait to tell your kids some tall stories about mum.....heheheheheheheheheh

    And there is nothing wrong with a Tarago Micky! They are the very essence of road trips!!

    "What are you doing Scrambles?"
    "Just finished painting the tarago for our trip!"
    "Sydney Studs Cross-Country tour......isn't there an 'o' in country....?"
  16. Kier !!

    Get the ACT gang prepared !
    This is going to be a mega road trip ! :LOL:
  17. Hey Scrambles - You're not going to be able to tell my girls diddlysquat because they'll be at their Dad's that weekend. :p

    Can't wait to see you too. :)

  18. Tex, how many bikes can your trailer carry ?