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SBK - Valencia

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Loz, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. I never knew it, but SBK races are available as free online feeds for those with quick enough internet connections.


    Sign up and off you go. The feed quality is very good, although the commentary is turned way down so I can't hear it, which is annoying to me but others might consider it a benefit :)

    (Sorry for missing your BBBBQ flip, too knackered after a day of excitement at HART..... Mmmmmmm..... Firreeeeeblaaaaade....)

  2. Oh, and the race is just starting now!
  3. Bloody site wouldn't let me register - it kept telling me there were errors when there weren't. :evil:

    Filled the form in twice. It still didn't like me, so it can get stuffed!
  4. Battle of troy! Battle of troy!

  5. Damn I loves me some battle of troy!
  6. Woohooooooooooooooo!! Troy won!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  7. Troy from Troy from Lorenzo!

    Duke from Suzie from Duke...

    AUSSIE FROM AUSSIE FROM.... eye tie!

    I love SBK this year, it's a ripper of a season, shitting all over MotoGP!
  8. Ahhhh Troy Boy :biker: =P~ :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
  9. What a great ride by both Troy's. Bayliss making his moves at the roght time again. Looks to me like he will dominate all season. Hopefully Corser continues to put up a fight.
    Can't wait till next round. :grin:
  10. You can tell Bayliss learned his lesson from the first round, when he went out hard from the start and trashed his tyres. Since then he's been opting for a "bowling ball" hard rear and taking it easy for the first 15 laps or so, before pulling the trigger and going Corser hunting.

    Corser's proving a difficult man to pass, which makes the battle so entertaining, but I also love watching the body language between the two of them as they fight it out. Corser dogged and precise, Bayliss much looser in general but you can really tell when he's pushing it as aggressively as he can.

    Interesting to see the Ducatis right back up the top of the podium, they were nowhere during Bayliss's absence. He's a true Ducati twin man and it makes me wonder whether, if he dominates this season like he's threatening to, it might cause the Japanese factories to start racing big twins again... SP3 anybody?
  11. This situation may change in favour of the inline fours at Monza next round. A very HP friendly track due to it's stop start chicanes and longish straight sections. Watching them wick it up out of the parabolica should be a highlight.

    The two Troy's look to be pushing each other faster and faster. They have both left everyone else for dead this year.

    I also expect Bayliss to be real strong in South Africa later in the season. I think he has done the double at Kaylama before?
  12. Its clearly not the bike, BAYLISS the clear favourite with current Centrebet odds @$1.40 to be the Superbikes 2006 winner compared to his Ducati stablemates LANZI & ROLFO both @$101
  13. Yeah, well didn't the SP1 and SP2 get released when the Ducatis were belting everyone all over the place? And wasn't Bayliss winning back then too?

    /Could be wrong here, might be out on a limb...
  14. Yeah, like honda REALLY needs another slow, underperforming twin to show the world... :LOL:
  15. Colin Edwards won on it!
  16. It was a good race and its panning out to be a good year

    Cheers :cool: