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SBK - Tonight

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by nodz, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. Don't forget first round of the SBKs tonight.
    Foxtel - Fox Sports 1 - 7:30pm

  2. Will be watching it in the morning at 9:30 on fox sports :D
  3. So you don't want me to post the results tonight once the race is finished then? :LOL:
  4. 8.00pm Live: World Superbike Championship Round One, Qatar
    PREMIERE From Doha, Losail, Race 1 at 8pm EDT, Supersport Race at 9:20pm EDT, Race 2 at 11:30pm EDT

    On channel 12/502 on poxsmell
  5. Its ok, I dont plan on being in any fit state to be able to read it :LOL:
  6. Yes, I forgot about the party at NetHQ. I should drop by for a visit.
  7. Good Racing. Looks like they've improved the circuit since the MotoGP was there last year. I think the rain also helped settle the sand. Can you believe it, no rain for four years and then the weekend the SBKs get there, raining and 23 degrees.
  8. will it be on channel 10,2nite?????????
  9. They actually glued the sand together to stop it from blowing onto the track.
  10. Yeah they did that at the MotoGP too but it did didly. Rossi will testify to that. The rain certainly helped.
  11. When??? Nothing on any of the TV guide sites or on the Ten and RPMLive site either....have emailed them with some choice words asking them to let me know when their coverage is for this year...last year I had PayTV so it didnt bother me...
  12. Must be the year of the Gixxer. Go Suzuki !
  13. Got it on video if anyone wants a look see
  14. http://www.formula-xtreme.com.au/xtremema.nsf/b43ae13a7a911813ca256a65003bf4ca/8fed4d138c9a42ceca256fb2001ea363!OpenDocument

    Found this on the aus-superbike site

    Network TEN Release WSB TV Schedule 24/02/05


    Round 1- Qatar SUN 13th March 2.30 – 3.00PM

    Round 2-Australia SUN 10th April 12.30 – 1.00PM

    Round 3- Spain SUN 15th May 1.00 – 1.30PM

    Round 4- Italy SUN 15th May 1.30 – 2.00PM

    Round 5- Great Britain SUN 5th June 12.30 – 1.00PM

    Round 6- San Marino SUN 3rd July 12.00 – 12.30PM

    Round 7- Czech Republic SUN 31st July 12.30 – 1.00PM

    Round 8-Great Britain SUN 21st August 12.30 – 1.00PM

    Round 9- Assen SUN 18th Sept 12.30 – 1.00PM

    Round 10- Germany SUN 2nd Oct 12.30 – 1.00PM

    Round 11- Italy SAT 15th Oct 11.30AM – 12.00PM

    Round 12- France SUN 30th Oct 12.00 – 12.30PM

    Ch10 your Home of Delayed Motorsport

    Also did anyone see both the live and replay versions on Fox Sports last night & this morning and compare the local & overseas commentary styles. I know which I prefer.
  15. Does anyone have the SBK and Moto GP schedule for either Fox or Optus or do they broadcast at the same time (replays as well)??
    Not gonna wait for the replays on Ten two fuggen weeks later!!! :evil:
  16. Foxtel = Optus these days.

    Try here


    Then at the top of the page change the Program Guide to Week Ahead and then when it loads the next page filter it down to Motorsports which gives you a listing of what's on and when for the next week in the form of 2 & 4 wheel action.

    Fox Sports shows the Moto & SBK live and for european rounds that means Sunday nights from around 7-8pm starts for us down here.
  17. Yeah, tried there and just about every other on-line guide...was hoping to get the dates for the whole season so I could mark it down in my diary and be prepared in advance...
  18. Anyone in the Hobart area who missed it, I have it on tape to borrow. Just had to see it so I know the form when I go to Phillip Island soon. :D