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SBK SPOILER Silverstone.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, May 27, 2007.

  1. WHOA!!!!

    Go Bayliss!
    Go Westy!

    Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie.........

    Typical wet pommy weather, and the Aussies dominate.

    Awesome racing. :grin:
  2. Race 2 cancelled due to weather, typical England summers day I thought :p
  3. You forgot to mention Brendan Roberrts winning the SuperStock 1000 as well.

    Kevin Magee, when asked why Aussies make such good wet riders came up with all sort of reasons, other than the obvious one. We run our entire series in the winter. There's a fair chance that if you've come through the ranks, you're going to have had a lot of experience in variable conditions.

    Contrary to popular opinion, it doesn't always rain in Blighty. Once or twice it's really nice! Apparently on the Friday and Sat am it was mid 20's and lovely and sunny. And May isn't summer, more like Oct/Nov in Victoria, extremely changeable.

    What about JT, remounting the bike, riding it to the finish from lap 3 with NO coolant and a broken handlebar. That's commitment.

    Westy. Awesome ride. Now he's won a race, can we pitch in and get him some media training? Compare and contrast his post race comments with that of the 15yo Britsh kid who got 3rd last time out in the 125's.

    Any chance that Yamaha will either get him a fulltime ride for this year or next? He's definitely racking up those frequent rider miles though!
  4. I've got a lot of time for James Toseland. Apart from having a massive man-crush on him :LOL: , I reckon he will be the next guy to secure a half decent GP ride for 2008. There are rumours of him getting a ride at Honda, Ducati and Yamaha, but I hope he gets a 2 season shot on one of the full factory bikes to show us what he can really do.

    Braves, brave ride for 8 points.
  5. Yep, he's all country isn't he, be right at home at the ute muster.
  6. Was brilliant to watch , i especially loved the supersport race it was just nuts with that amount of rain that there wasnt more crashes.

    id like to see westy get a ride for the rest of the season and next season for sure if he cant get a factory ride in the 250 , the boy definitely has talent and has shown what he can do with a decent bike
  7. And how could we forget Mark Aitchison - 2nd to Brendan Roberts in Superstock 1000 AND now leading the freakin' championship. Probably has never seen these tracks before!!