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SBK & MotoGP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by I am the Stig..., May 16, 2009.

  1. For those of you with two boxes/tv's in the same room, MotoGP is on Foxsports through sunday evening, SBK is being broadcast simultaneously on Fuel TV (also good for "Attack of the show" - Olivia Munn..... :demon: ), channel 516. Well done Foxsports (for a change...).

    For those of you paupers like me with one box/tv, it's an evening of channel hopping :roll:

  2. Thanks Stig
  3. cheers, i would of looked around for the sbk :LOL: shame i too, only have one tv and box :LOL:
  4. I ony have 1 tv and 1 box but it looks as if there's a change the races will be timed such as that I can flick between them... WSBK->MotoGP->WSBK and still get to bed at a reasonable hour. Time will tell I guess, I don't want to risk missing any of those 3 main races.
  5. 2 box's, 2 tv's and HD streaming subscription.
    Now I just need to clone myself.
  6. Seany, get the IQ/Crapstar and then you can record one/both. I have Crapstar, and although it doesn't rock like the IQ2 did, it works. Sometimes.

    WSBK is also being shown AFTER the Motogp race on Foxsports, if you just want to go straight through the night :)
  7. Foxtel IQ. I'll have to watch one or the other on delay, but I don't mind..
  8. How do you find the streaming? After the first two rounds (I watched FP2 and QP) I was happy, then last round it was crap, stuttering all the time. They peer with my ISP and distribute via Akamai, so it wasn't an issue from my PC to the ISP. I submitted a fault and they got me to send them all sorts of diags and I notice from last night it's good again, but that's just at 500k, not the 1mbps you have for HD.
  9. Just noticed that due to the overlap that Fox 3 are taking the direct Motogp feed with the Motogp commentators doing the whole show.
  10. I found last round to be shaky as well, had to go to standard to watch qualifying.
    Seems good this week. I usually just blame it on my wireless, and the amount of machines (6) running off the router.

    And yeah, direct Motogp feed, which I prefer, because our guys can be boring as batshit!
  11. I kinda want to be in bed before 4am and Shelley's not here to tell me how to get the IQ thingy (seems excessive for one night anyway).

    Worst case scenario is I stick with MotoGP then race 1 in superbikes knowing I can catch the second race on Tuesday when they run WSBK then MotoGP replays head to head from 7pm to 11pm. :)
  12. You people have far too much money.
  13. We did. And then we got into bikes. And now we have none. But are we happy? :)
  14. you'd hope so :p
  15. probably.