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SBK Monza -----!!!! SPOILER !!!!------

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by bunabaroo, May 10, 2009.

  1. Bloody hell!

    Did you see the mess on the first turn?

    What was Brendan Roberts thinking running onto the grass on the inside? I hope Nuekirchner is OK.

  2. what a mess!! action-packed is an understatement.

    Max N and Roberts not lining up for restart
  3. cheeky wave from Fabrizio on his way past Spies!! "Now that's confidence for you" - awesome finale to the race!!! :grin:

    Spies ran out of fuel on the last corner - 100m from the the line!! Fabrizio takes the flag!!!! Biagi got a 3rd over 8 secs back. Drama! Wouldn't like to be Spies race strategist...

    Commentary was even lost in all the excitement!
  4. OMG what a race!

    I need something to calm the nerves.....
  5. Biaggi penalised 20 seconds for cutting the chicane..... poor bastid

    that was fabulous, I feel for Spies, but the team must have known it would be a fine line, and maybe they chose to gamble that he would be able to take it easy at some stage and conserve fuel to make the distance. I notice Sykes didn't run out of juice.
  6. [I need something to calm the nerves.....[/quote]

    I think Neukirchner and Roberts might have something like that in thier systems just now....
  7. And now for the 2nd race!
  8. I'm hoping the rumours of broken legs are unfounded :(
  9. 600's weren't bad either - 3 bike photo finish for 2/3/4th! Great battles at the front. :grin:

    Crutchlow's doing well to put his senior team mate well behind him - another rookie (Spies) having a strong early season.

    Bring on SBK race 2 in a cracking evening of Sport (Manchester Derby on FS 2 right now)! :grin:
  10. WSBK.COM report that Neukirchner has a broken right femur and a dislocated right ankle (the least of his problems). I am no doctor, but isn't that Neukirchner out for the best part of the season?
  11. And did anyone else notice that Sykes (#66) didn't complete the warm down lap? Perhaps the R1 is cutting fuel consumption a little fine?
  12. Another great WSS race - why can't MotoGP have overtaking like that?
  13. BIG CRASH HAGA (who'd already dropped down from 1st to 15th) - walked away from it though :) . Looks like it's between Spies and Fabrizio, although big gap already...
  14. Nori still leads the Championship, but there's a long way to go.
  15. Nori is lucky to still have an Arm after a big bird flew into it on the 1st turn :shock: No wonder he dropped from 1st to 15th in quick succession. Apparently he had a numb arm therefor could not control the bike and crashing on lap 3!
    Im sure he will be right for the next race to stick it up Spies A@@ again :LOL: