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SBK Knee sliders

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mike_dnhm, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Anyone used these?

    Are they garbage or ok?
  2. Give them a go and let us know! I always use A*s but they're about $50 from the US. I just get a few sets everytime I order oil filters, tires, brake pads etc etc.
  3. You're worried about the quality of an item designed to be dragged on the road?

    Half the cost of A*, if they last more than half the time, you'll come out ahead.
  4. I'd be worried.

    I bought a set of china made cheap sliders ages ago and on the track they wore away SUPER quick, and big chunks got ripped out of them.. especially on the road.
    "You get what you play for" is my motto, and, "I'm to poor to afford cheap things".
  5. Ordered some. Only 25 bucks. So we'll see how we go
  6. Get a cheap/old pair of pants. Put these knee sliders on them. Video the pants being towed behind your bike with the knee sliders on them, with them weighed down to simulate dragging your knee along the road. Report back
  7. ^^^^^^ unmmmmmm? *slowly edges away*
  8. I think I'll try them the old fashioned way first...
  9. So thats what that kid was doing with the donkey?
  10. lol nice one