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VIC SBK 2016 The Island Race 1

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Ozbiker1, Feb 28, 2016.

  2. Thanks for that. Rather enjoyable that was.
  3. No sweat G.O. (GeorgeOGeorgeO )
    Surprised spewtube hadn't banned it as the SBK anal marketing guys have this habit of insisting.
    Hopefully Race 2 will be up there shortly.
    Currently only torrents available :( (slightly insecure & Mr Turnbull et al doesn't like it at all)
  4. Thanks Ozbiker1. good find!
  5. Ta history (HistoricHistoric. Sadly, the link for Rnd 2 has an overlayed sfx soundtrack - trust somedude to fk it up. (lookin' at you Herr Keith Rupert Murdoch)
    Give it 24 hours & there may be something uploaded somewhere in the ether.

    Regards to sandgroper land.

    That vipbox doesn't work G.O.? or is it my antiquated, chug chug hardware/software.
    works, but nix in the file lists.