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SBK 2005 @ PI ... Photos!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by trapdoor, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. more girls , we need more pit girls :LOL:
  2. Why were the image tags deleted? If the pics are too big, just replace the "sized" with "thumb" in the URL.

    No point in just putting up URLs no one ever looks at them ... I won't bother putting up pics if you only change them to the URLs
  3. Hi James, the T's&C's of the site restrict the use of tags in the forums to make the site user friendly for those on dialup. You can read the T's&C"s here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2813

    Great pics BTW, looks like you had an excellent weekend!
  4. Fantastastic shots :)
  5. But the thumbnails are only about 4kb each ... if that is too much for those on dialup, then they shouldn't bother using the internet. That and the fact it was my own thread, it was not like I was posting the pics in someone-elses thread ...

    Just seems stupid ... why have img tags if you are not allowed to use them?
  6. Fellow Netriders, do not believe a word this person says, he's clinically insane, suffers delusions of grandeur, and has been observed displaying clear schitzophrenic and psycho-sematic behaviour.

    Do not approach or engage him under any circumstance. I advise the admins to permanently ban this person from this website at the earliest opportunity.
  7. LOL get stuffed schlumpa! LOL
  8. just wait until I get mine developed :D
  9. Nah, I take pity on him because he thought his car could get up Mt. Hotham faster than our bikes :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. LOL I still reckon a race car would beat a bike :p (and doonks is a good mate by the way ;) )
  11. It might be time to review the policy on pics in threads. The current system is an eyesore, thumbnails would be much better. Few people have such a crap connection these days that it would be an issue and aiming for the lowest common denominator should not be the focus.
  12. Exactly. In addition, thumbnails- linked to larger versions are actually better for those on dialup.

    By just linking to the larger versions, people on dialup need to download the full image to see if they like it or not ... if they are thumbnails linked to the larger image, they can pick and chose which ones they want to view larger versions of ...

    In addition, because this was my own thread, by posting my own pictures in it I was not slowing the load time for anyone else. Anyone using less than 56kb ps modems nowadays should be taken out and shot anyway ;)
  13. send those to my email address jimi :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Most people still have dial-up modems. It's not the lowest common denominator, but the actual common denominator. With 4Kb thumbnails this page would be approx 80Kb in size taking the average 56K modem user (with an actual speed of 52K and PPP overhead) over 25 secs for the page to load.

    Add the overhead of 'policing' quantity and size of thumbnails, and it becomes too much of a problem.

    For now, the policy remains.
  15. And a good one, too. Although I'm on a 1.5mbit plan, I still like to view web pages that aren't loaded down with graphics, endless javascript/flash code, etc.. Give the punters simple links to click on if they wish to view the images.
  16. Wow, what a brave comment, mate.

    There are literally thousands of homes scattered around capital cities, alone, that cannot get ADSL or cable broadband because of limited infrastructure. The problem is worse for those who don't live in major metro areas.

    For example, my daughter who lives in an outer eastern MEL suburb is lucky to get a 26k connection. It's because where she lives, the houses all have their phone lines channelled into a green box somewhere nearby, and out of it, goes one cable back to the exchange. These boxes are nasty cheap bits of work which Telstra installed, not knowing the rate of takeup or development that ADSL would generate later on down the track.
  17. As soon as I buy some more blank cds and burn my pics to them, I shall give them to someone to upload. I dunno how to do it - i'm only a wittle girl.....

    Lots of pics from the house at Cowes and of wet-Netriders on Sunday!