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Saying HI!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by beeke, May 24, 2005.

  1. HI,

    I am totally new to motorcyling, I live in Tamworth NSW, I just brought a CBR250RR today, I also looked at a FZR, but CBR was a better deal.

    I found the forum really usefull to find all the info I needed on different bikes, and that is why I have waited this long to post, I didn't need to post another "which should I buy?"

    so yeah, Im sure I will have 1,000 more questions as I go!

    thanks in advance to any help that you guys give me!

  2. Hi from me as well..live in Brissy and ride a ZRX 1100 99 model owned it from new..and love it..
  3. Welcome folks.

    Enjoy the site.

    I'll let Groberts03 post his usual, "Dont forget Friday/Monday coffee" link :)
  4. Welcome Beeke .. nice purchase. Go Honda! :wink: Did you get it private or through a dealer?

    What happened to the Yiasoo's ? :)

    It's worth the 2,000km return trip :) I've been to Tamworth coffee shops before :wink:
  5. Tamworth coffeee shops

    HEY, what's wrong with the coffee shops in Tamworth, it's a great place?!
  6. well ok, I had my heart set on the FZR, it was an 89 model, fresh paint (duke red) 41,000. the bike shop wanted $4,400
    i was driving around on sunday and noticed the cbr parked, then I noticed a "forsale" sign on it, so I went form there, I talked him down to $4,400 as well, it is a 93 model, so a bit newer, but it has done 57,000. I took it to a local bike mechanic, and he said it was fine!

    so whats this coffee thing? you guys all go out for coffee in the big city hey?

    Tamworth does have some good coffee shops! we even have a gloria jenes now!
  7. Re: Tamworth coffeee shops

    They play too much country music :?: :roll: :LOL:
    "We have all kinds of music, country AND western" :)
  8. we all hate country music here!! when the festival is on, all the locals leave town! you can rent your 3 bedroom home out for $2000 for the festival!

    there is like no country music when theres no festival, just a normal town!
  9. he speaks the truth, CMF is a yearly abberation in an otherwise splendidly normal and charming town, where, as the old saying goes, the flies fly backwards to keep the dust out of their eyes!
  10. Re: Tamworth coffeee shops


    "It's 1201.31 kay to Tamworth, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses"

    aside:-Oh we may need to stop for fuel the fizzer got a 120k range
  11. I very much like it's architecture and feel
  12. Re: Tamworth coffeee shops

    ROFLOL... jeebers dude, get that checked out. 120km is even less than mine! (I pulled 150km before reserve out of the last tank, just after an oil change.)

    edit: actually... get yourself right first... then add it to the list of things to do when patchin gup the bike.
  13. Re: Tamworth coffeee shops

    i did get more but i lost 20% of tank capacity in the stack. lolz i get 170 with reserve but i feel edgy pushing it
  14. Re: Tamworth coffeee shops

    ... Hit it!
  15. it is true. all the locals leave when that damn festival is on. i rode through there this year when the festival was and asked for direction and NO ONE could tell me! anyway, WELCOME Beeke and Yahoo, i hope you enjoy the forums and stay rubber side down!
  16. Congrats beeke!!! Honda is best stuff the rest, a wise man once told me!! :p
  17. Hi Beeke and weeelcome to this crazy, zany but fun world of Netrider.
    Enjoy, enjoy and welcome aboard :D :D