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Saying hi :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by pennylayne, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. Hey net riders

    Just joined up today as Im starting my search for a 250 :) Im based in Melbs, and looking for as much info as I can get about what to look for when buying a second hand bike!! I don't have my dad or other riders to help me at the mo so I got to get my knowledge up to scratch :)

    Looking forward to getting out on organised rides around Melbs as well.

    Ive had my full license for awhile but after a spill on a dodgy scooter in thailand its taken me awhile to get my confidence back which is why I want to start small and move up slowly. Thinking a vtr.

    My dream is to get on the track and learn from more experienced riders.

    will be spending a lot of time on this site i imagine thanks for having me !!!
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  3. Hello, welcome.
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  4. Welcome to NR !
  5. Welcome.

    Uncle Greg I gave you a like - all happy now?
  6. Welcome to NR...

    Enjoy the stay and try to come down to Sat prac.
  7. Welcome :)

    VTRs are awesome LAMS bikes,mine was a VTR and I wish I'd kept it.

    Come down to Saturday practice, don't need to wait for a bike.
  8. Welcome aboard :] and if its a 250 you're after why not get the greatest of them all a Kawasaki EL250 or :-O a VN 250
  9. Welcome to Nutrider!
  10. G'day and welcome, pennylane. Good luck with your search.
  11. Welcome.
    Uncle Greg & myself offer a 2-on-1 tutoring system,
    Don't bring your bike, leathers are optional ;)

    This get's creepier errytiem.

    But in all seriousness take your time to find a good bike, once u see one, use it as the benchmark to compare to others on the market, never rush the purchase.
  12. Welcome to the nutriders.
    Most of them have said hi now.
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