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Saying Hi!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by phat_dogg, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    I joined this forum over a year ago when i was looking at getting into riding but had put it off due to unforseen circumstances. I've now had my L's just under 3 months and been riding my CBF250 for about 6 weeks. Loving it but getting a little bored with the bike :(. Got a few questions...

    1. I can go for my P's in about 2 weeks, should i book them in? I have riden <1000kms but am fine riding in peak hour traffic and consistently u-turn within 2 car spaces (is the test u-turn tighter than this?). Also haven't dropped it....yet(touch wood).

    2. Because i am under 25 and didn't get my L's when i had initially planned to, i am now restricted to LAMS bikes for about the next 3 years :(. I find my bike good to learn on but nothing special. I have ridden two other bikes, CBR250RR - not comfortable to cruise around cause it needs to be revved so much, & GS500 - low down torque was better than my bike and CBR, not bad overall.

    I've been to the dealers to look at the shiny new bikes and like the Ninja650rl and FZ6R. I was just wondering whether it'll be worthe spending around 12k for a new LEARNER bike and will i also get bored of these bikes. They both look great and i know the ninja is a twin and the fz6r is an inline4. Will they both ride quite differently? Would the ninja be more like the GS and the FZ6R be like the CBR in terms of power delivery?

    Thanks in advance for any advice :)
  2. Sorry I can't really offer any constructive advice, being a noob. I do like my CB400. If you buy a new bike it probably would depreciate more than a second hand one. At least that was my thinking with getting a 2 yo bike. Its working out well for me. Seems like new, but maybe I was lucky.

  3. Oh, and welcome to the forummm.
  4. G'day Phat - Where are you located?

    And welcome!

    Fun Ha!

  5. welcome in mate, to answer your question, if u get 1 of those bikes and you get bored with them, u could derestrict it to get more power out of it, obviously u will need to know someone who knows how to do it as workshops need to report it to the lams people, do some more research
  6. Welcome matey!