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Saying Hi I guess

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by wrxbox, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. I’ve been on here for a while but I don’t really post much as I spend most of my time on www.125ccsportsbikes.com I mostly read the reviews.

    I have a Cagiva Mito ’92 MK2 and I bought a VFR400 to do up but I no longer have the time so I’m selling it. I will also be selling my Cagiva at some stage to purchase something that doesn’t require as much maintenance.
    I had a RG250 many years ago and have just come back to bikes at the end of last year.

    I purchased my bike as a commuter to ride to the city each day from Melton 50kms each way, getting cold now and my Mito needs some TLC so I’ve been catching the train. I’ll most likely sell my Mito once I fix a couple of things for RWC and will then buy a 250 4stroke, possibly a Across.
  2. Hey wrxbox, shame on you for using the forum to sell your bike and not contributing to the site ;) :p

    that's a super cheap price you have on the vfr400. I have a honda hornet 250 due to upgrade in about 4 month or so... that ought to be heaps of time for you to fix up the Viffer, so we can do a straight swap. :grin: interested?

    o wait you have posted a few times to give advice to some 2stroke riders. strike my comment above.

    Welcome I guess.
  3. hi and welcome...