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Saying Hi from the other side of the world

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Valkrider, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Hey Guys,
    Just thought I'd stop by and say hello.
    My names Martin, just turned 51 years young and I ride a Honda Valkyrie F6c. I live in a small village in a place called Norfolk in the United Kingdom.
    As a day job I drive a small car ferry across a river which runs on chains.

    My Valkyrie is now 17 years old and there's nothing that I like better than going places on it.
    I hand built a custom trailer to tow behind the bike for when we go on the longer trips.
    Me and my good lady have been to many parts of the UK and in 2011 we plucked up the courage to ride to France.
    We had planned to go back in 2012 but my wife fell ill and it didn't happen. It did in 2013, we rode nearly 2.500 miles around France in 15 days.
    2014 was a disaster for me personally, we had planned to ride to Austria but late April I broke my right leg in 3 places. Eight weeks in a cast and another couple of months struggling to get back to normal ruined my summer.
    Still, the trip to Austria is now planned for this August coming.

    One day I hope to do some riding in Australia.
  2. Well hello, what an intro! I certainly hope you bike adventures land you in Oz. Welcome to NR :)
  3. Howdy, hope you get down this way one day.
  4. Wanna hear all about the trip when it happens! :)
  5. G'day mate! Love your story, except for the broken leg bit! Hope you make it here one day.
  6. Welcome, Martin, from our side of the Northsea to yours!
    Which river do you operate your ferry on? Would love to see pics of bike cum trailer. Best wishes for you both to get back to good health for your trip to wonderful Austria.
  7. Welcome to NR Martin! Looking forward to stories of your trips!
  8. I drive the car ferry on the River Yare in Norfolk, and thanks for the best wishes. I'm almost back to normal, not so much my wife.
    Here's a photo of bike and trailer in touring mode.
    [​IMG] a5.
  9. Is that anywhere near Cambridge? I'll be there later in the year....
  10. It's about 70 miles or 110km from here to Cambridge. If you're there on a weekend, find a place called Walkers Cafe, it's just off the Mildenhall roundabout, continuous with bikes all day long. If you go, let me know and I'll ride down and shout you a coffee.
    Thanks for the welcome everyone. Much appreciated.
    I joined this forum because I like to learn about the motorcycling culture in different parts of the world, especially the touring/camping side of it.

    If anyone's interested I wrote a blog on the build up and trip to France in 2013, you'll see I'm not your normal motorcycle/camper lol.:D
  11. Welcome to NR..

    Loved your intro.. Hope your Australia trip plans become a reality soon.

    Keep us posted...and all the best!