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saying hi for first time

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by HILLY, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. hey every one how all going.
    just got my licence and bike on the way cbr250rr
    so hope to have manny good chatch in the new past :grin:
    catch ya

  2. Welcome hilly, glad you could call in..
  3. Welcome to the forums man.

    Glad to have you around.

    You can look for me in the padded room over yonder...
  4. Huh??? :?
  5. I think he's speaking French...


    definately Mexican

    (uni exams are over and I'm loving it)

    (also note, I may not be so coherant tonight :S)
  6. Welcome to the forum Hilly !!! :cool:
  7. hello hilly!

    welcome to netrider. hows dubbo these days? its my home town!
  8. its ok not much would have changed it is still the hot crime center as always i think i read some were that there 70 cars pinched last month?
    so what do u still live hear or got brains and long gone
  9. i havent lived there in 5yrs! moved to newcastle, glad i did! so are u on your L's? when are you getting your bike?
  10. hey there yer on my l,s sucks big time na should be hear soon tho been riding for ever any way just not really shhh hahaha i got a few mate there in newy i get up there some times not a bad place
  11. yeah its nice here. im on my L's too. there r a couple of people here in newy that i used to go to school with. good luck with bike when you get it.
  12. Well bugger me dead eh ,how many others that get in here come from Dubbo,saying that i`m from there and still have a few relo`s there as well,havent been there for a couple of years but god it has changed so much since i left school and split. :p
  13. gday fox!
    ahh, dubbo. there are a lot of people here in newcastle that have moved from dubbo. dont know why that is! it is changing a lot. i havent lived there in 5yrs but every time i go there (1-2 times a year to visit relos) it is different.
    sorry for going off topic!
  14. je u come down hear pft stuff that. haha
    owell when u next down hear should catch up n go for a ride :p
  15. sounds good mate. you should have your bike by then!
  16. yer mabby seems like it has been 2 years allready but only 2days.
    it should be atmy place not this thursday but next :? hahaha uurrrrrrr
  17. :) i know the feeling! i had to wait for mine too! it feels like forever! hang in there matey...